"Elevate Premier Member Spotlight: Annette Cain from Marina, Calif." - Glambition Radio

"Elevate Premier Member Spotlight: Annette Cain from Marina, Calif."

One of the best ways to get inspired is to learn from others’ successes.
That’s why in my Elevate online training program, we spotlight one of our premier members during our member Monthly Access Calls.
Elevate Head Coach James Roche and I select and interview one Elevate Premier member who is making great strides with the program.

Some successes are large, some small, but it’s all about taking steps forward and making progress.
Today, you’ll meet Elevate Premier member Annette Cain, a personal trainer and founder of www.AgingWellWorkouts.com (soon to be www.AgelessWithAnnette.com). She was our spotlight during our March 2012 call.
Enjoy our quick interview with Annette below, and be sure to take notes. There are several golden nuggets you can apply to YOUR business right away!
James: Annette, tell me your number one top result that you’ve gotten since starting the Elevate program. Even if it’s a small thing, it matters because it all builds upon each other.

Annette: Sure. I have to say what I am the most excited about is a chance to increase my subscriber list by the thousands. And this is going to happen in April, because I took the step to try and do a joint venture with Big Sur Marathon, which is in the Monterey coast. I wasn’t able to speak—they already had their speakers lined up, but after talking with the marketing person, I am going to do a virtual product that will go into the virtual goodie bag for 10,000-12,000 runners.
James: Nice! And this is part of your targeted audience too, isn’t it?
Annette: It is. I’m definitely more for women, and it does have over 60% women, so I think it is a great audience for me.
James: So, did you network to get that? How did that come about?
Annette: I did. It was an action step that I gained from my Elevate Premier Strategy Day. I definitely networked, and now I am creating the product, which will be The Inside Scoop for Runners: 26.2 Winning Strategies for Improving Performance, Preventing Injury, and Fueling Your Body.
Ali: You’ve been a personal trainer for years. That’s your background, correct?
Annette: Yes. Over 20 years.
Ali: Okay, so you’re the wellness expert, and that’s why this is the perfect group for you. I want to point out a key thing that Annette did here for all of you. This is a shortcut she took to build her list. She thought, “Okay, who’s my target market, and where can I find them in large numbers?” And it was brilliant to go to the leader of this event and say, “How can this be a win-win? How can I get in front of this group?”
Sometimes you may have to pay for it, too. Did you work this out for no charge? Or are you paying to be in the bag?
Annette: Actually, it’s just a little bit of money. It will work out to be like two cents a subscriber if I get half the amount.
Ali: Brilliant. That’s a great way to look at it.
Annette: I think it’s perfect. Yes.
James: That’s great! So Annette, what has been your biggest ‘ah-ha’, whether from the Elevate weekly video trainings or working with Joy Chudacoff in the Elevate Premier group, or even from a fellow member? What so far has been your biggest insight?
Annette: It has to be some advice that Joy gave me, and I’ve been doing it pretty much every day. And it’s to really focus and ask myself two questions: 1) What am I going to do to generate income now; and 2) What am I doing to build my list? It’s just one little baby step I come up with that I’m going to do that day, and the day does not end until I do it.
James: Oh, that’s brilliant.
Annette: Yes, and so it’s really helped me to stay focused and in action.
James: I think that’s really brilliant because I’m a big believer in the principle called kaizen, which is exactly that. It’s basically taking small steps that add up to big results, and it’s asking yourself simple questions like that every day. Like what small simple thing can I do to improve this one thing? Even if it’s a little improvement—because what happens then is as it accumulates, it builds momentum.
It’s just like with exercising, as you would know. It’s like if a person has a hard time getting out there and exercising, you could say to them, “Well, just take one step every day, and every day add one step.” It’s not like, “Okay, I need you to climb 25 flights of stairs every day,” because that might cause someone to shut down. But everybody can do one step and add one step every day.
So it’s a similar principle that you’re applying now to your business. I think that’s brilliant.
Annette: That actually was the ‘ah-ha’ for me because I’m also an endurance athlete, and so I just took that kind of training mindset and have turned it onto the business.
James: Yeah, perfect!
Annette: I’m seeing the progress and it’s wonderful.
Ali: I like that analogy. It’s like endurance training versus the weekend warrior who pulls her hamstring.
James: Love that. Well, thank you so much, Annette, and again, your website is AgingWellWorkouts.com. Thank you so much, Annette. That was great.
Annette: Thank you. I just want to say it’ll soon be  AgelessWithAnnette.com. I’m launching a new website in May using all of the principles that you’re teaching me.
James: Awesome.
Annette: Thank you!
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