“Elevate Premier Member Spotlight: Christy Davies from Buhl, Idaho" - Glambition Radio

“Elevate Premier Member Spotlight: Christy Davies from Buhl, Idaho"

One of the best ways to get inspired is to learn from others’ successes.
That’s why in my Elevate online training program, we spotlight one of our premier members during our member Monthly Access Calls.
Elevate Coaches James Roche, Joy Chudacoff, and I select and interview one Elevate Premier member who is making great strides with the program.
Some successes are large, some small, but it’s all about taking steps forward and making progress.
Today, you’ll meet Elevate Premier member Cristy Davies from Buhl, Idaho, who represents AR Consulting, LLC, a company that helps businesses and individuals collect any money owed to them.  She was our spotlight during our July 2012 call.
Enjoy our quick interview with Cristy below, and be sure to take notes. There are several golden nuggets you can apply to YOUR business right away!
James: Christy, tell us a little bit about what your biggest results have been, the biggest impact you’ve had since being in the Elevate program. Everyone, you want to check out Christy’s site.
Christy: I’ve been able to focus on streamlining my communication processes to stay on top of potential clients and attract prospects more often without having to go door-to-door. I was really struggling with trying to figure out how to do that. Then I went through the step-by-step process that you have on finding your niche market, and then how to stay in front of those people.
James: Tell us again, what you do?
Christy: Essentially, I’m the money lady. I work on getting accounts receivable collected for my clients faster so that they are able to use the money that’s owed to them for operating, profits, or whatever needs that they have. Our process is so first-party and so soft that you’re able to use it—some of my clients use it as early as 15 days after their bill is due.
Ali: So you’re not out breaking legs.
James: You don’t have a guy named Tony P. working for you?
Christy: I have a funny story about that. When I first started, I was going door-to-door, and I went into a buy-here, pay-here place for cars. The owner, who was a very nice gentleman, looks at me and goes “Well I hate to say this, but you don’t look like much.” I’m like,  “Well, what do you mean?” He’s like, “Do you go out and collect the money yourself? How do you do this because you don’t look like you’re going to be able to collect much money for me.”
Ali: They think you should send out a big brute to do it, right?
Christy: Exactly.
Ali: That’s funny.
Christy: I’m like, “That’s our other department.”
Ali: The Goon department.
Christy: Exactly. So what we have is a streamlined process where we stay in front of the people that owe our clients money more often so that their bill gets up to the top of the pile to get paid, rather than being shuffled down under the bills that are coming in once a month.  It’s a guaranteed process. Once we get in front of the right people, the owners of companies—CFO’s and CEO’s—they look at this and say, “This is a no-brainer. Let’s move forward.”
Ali: Quick question, Christy. How do you price it? Is it a percentage of what is collected or is it a flat fee?
Christy: It’s a flat fee and it’s on average $12 per account no matter the balance.
Ali: Let’s talk about the changes in your business.
Christy: The last month has been very exciting. I’ve been picking up more speaking engagements and I have more and more people contacting me. They’re seeing me as the expert in accounts receivable and revenue cycles, and so they’re having me come in and speak at their professional conferences, which gets me in front of more people more often.
Then most recently, as I represent a national company, I’m actually in the position now where I may be able to truly buy the company I have been representing and be able to make a difference not only for the businesses that I’ve been working with, but be able to bring on more employees and create jobs for people, which is very exciting.
Ali: Isn’t that exciting? Doesn’t that feel good?
Christy: It’s a little overwhelming sometimes.
Ali: Yeah, you feel like suddenly now you’re a mom to these people too.
Christy: That’s right.
James: Well, excellent! You got some insights, and then you ran with it. Any other thing to share with our members that would keep them motivated and encouraged along the way too?
Christy: The one thing that just continues to stick in my mind is make sure you’re focusing on the things that need focusing on. I remember when you said, “Focus on revenue-generating activities. Don’t worry about your blog and some of these other things.” I knew those things needed to be happening, but I was in such a growth phase that I knew my blog wasn’t going to generate revenue for me right off the bat. I really needed to figure out how to be in front of more people.
Now that I’m in an up-phase where I’ve got clients coming on, I’m able to either work with someone else who can help me blog and someone else who can help write copy on my website, because I know all those things need work. I just couldn’t focus on everything all at once.
The other thing is the referral section. My clients sell my services for me so much easier than I do!
James: Yep.
Christy: There’s nothing better than getting a phone call where it’s a referral that says, “Hey, I was talking to this other person who said that you were able to collect a lot of money for them. I’ve got some accounts that need attention. Can you help me out?” Those are the best calls you can get because you don’t even have to work for them. You’ve already done the work for another client. They’re happy. They’re referring your services out to other people. Make sure you ask for referrals from people that are happy with your services because they’re happy to give them to you.
James: What kind of income increase have you seen since the start of the year?
Christy: Last year, I made $32,000. I’m well over into six-figures already this year.
James: Wow!
Ali: Isn’t that fun? When you get into six-figures and especially multiple six-figures, that’s when your lifestyle really changes too. A lot of that worry about money does go away. You need to always be managing it. Like I always said, same stuff, but more zeros at the end. But when you reach that point, you can kind of breathe.
James: Yeah, yeah.
Ali: You’re in the expansion phase, so you were talking about not spending too much time on your blog and stuff because as you all know, we talk about these three stages. There’s emerging, expanding, and influencing. Many of you are going to be thought leaders, no question. You’re going to change the world. However, you first need to change your bank account and your life before you can move into that influencing stage. But it’s good to start now. You sound so focused, Christy. That’s what I love about you.
James: Excellent. Thank you, Christy, for sharing.
Christy: You’re so welcome!


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