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Good news…

I’m not writing about contagious diseases, war, or politics. If you want more B.S. you can surely find all you want on the news.

Take a deep breath, and be here, now.

I’m writing you about the incredible possibility and potential you have right now in YOUR life.

And it starts with your livelihood. The good news is there are more successful women role models out there than ever. Last year alone there were over 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the US, generating over $1.3 trillion in revenue.

I’d like you to introduce you to one of those women I work with personally. Lori Crete is an Elevate member and longtime client of mine. 

A former flight attendant, she decided to make big changes to her life after 9/11. And now she’s living her dream (and making high six-figures doing it!). You have to hear her story on how she turned her life around, during a time the world was immersed in doom and gloom (sound familiar?)

Listen to Lori tell her story on my “Business Bliss Live” web show I hosted a few months ago. I think you’ll be incredible inspired.

In honor of women like Lori, and in celebration of National Women’s Small Business Month, I want to gift you a complimentary consultation regarding your business.

Click here to watch Lori’s inspiring story, and schedule your time with us today.

Love and success,

P.S. Listen to these women who are making change in their lives. They will inspire you.

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