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“Happy Friday”

Hello again from Miami Beach! I’m here to receive my Enterprising Woman of the Year Award – and to take a mini-vacation with my honey.

As you likely know, Miami has a lot of Cuban influence, and I absolutely love mojitos. These rum drinks sure are loaded with sugar, but I enjoy them as a special treat once in a while!

I really like Miami’s vibe and it’s fun to travel to this popular locale in the off-season. That’s when you really get to relax and soak up the flavors, plus there are great deals and less crowds!

Tory Burch: From tunics to taking over the fashion world

I love Tory Burch’s tunics and dresses, and when I read about her unlikely road to success, I became an even bigger fan. In just four years, without any formal training, She has built a $200+ million fashion empire. Read this week’s business feature to get the full story.

Can going green make your workday more efficient?

You bet! You may already be doing things like paying your bills online and recycling paper, but there are many more ways that you can combat climate change AND increase efficiency in your business. Read this week’s lifestyle article to learn more.

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s Enterprising Women’s Award Dinner, where I’ll mingle with this year’s other honorees and the advisory board for Enterprising Women magazine. Should be a fun evening – I’ll be sure to share pictures!

Love and Success,

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