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“Happy Friday”

Ah, Spring is finally here in Los Angeles! The city without seasons actually does have a rainy season in February and March (I spent a good chunk of that time in Miami!). Now, I’m enjoying the sunshine and getting ready for a jam-packed Spring!

Are you looking to attract wealthier clients?

In the beginning, many business owners reach a point where they’ve maxed out their time and mental bandwidth by accepting too many clients. My favorite prescription for this situation is to raise your rates. But in order to do that, you need to be able to attract clients who will be willing to pay those higher rates. Read this week’s business feature to learn how.

Where do those wealthy clients spend a lot of time? The Big Apple!

I’m a big proponent of business as pleasure – and what better way to network with wealthy clients than a trip to the big city – New York! I lived there for several years myself in old Greenwich Village.

Read this week’s lifestyle article for tips on planning a fabulous trip and rubbing shoulders with the type of clients you want to meet.

Have a fantastic week!

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