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“Happy Friday!”

I’m in Beverly Hills for the star-studded Inspiration Awards, hosted by one of my favorite non-profits, Step Up Women’s Network, a national organization dedicated to connecting and advancing women and girls.

And, I have a special announcement to make! This June I will be traveling across the country to meet you for three days of powerful networking in three different cities!

It’s my Coast to Coast Power Networking Event for Entrepreneurs! I’ll be starting in Los Angeles on June 14, spending the day in Houston on June 16, and in Boston on June 18. It’s a full day of education and networking led by me personally, and I’d love the chance to meet you.

Find out more and register here.

Sandra Bullock – Beyond the Tabloids

There is way more to Sandra Bullock than Hollywood glitz and glamour (and that lame ex-husband we’ve seen way too much of). Not only does our favorite girl-next-door have one of the nicest reputations in Hollywood – she’s one of the smartest business minds in the biz. Read this week’s business feature to learn how Sandra shapes her career behind the scenes…

Harness the Power of Optimism

Every challenge is accompanied by an opportunity – to learn, evolve, and even change your life. Optimistic people know this, but when you are facing a wall, it can be hard to remember. Read this week’s life feature to learn how you can break through even the toughest challenges.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

Love and Success,

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