"Happy Friday!" - Glambition Radio

“Happy Friday!”

Yay! Summer – my favorite season is here! I’m looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors over the next few months, rollerblading at the beach, drinking margaritas with the girls, and visiting my mom in the desert.

To help you get ready for summer, I’ve created a “Move-It” mix in iTunes. I’ve worked out to these tunes several times now, and I can tell you they will get your booty moving! You can download it from the iTunes store here : )

This week is all about optimism — from Rachael Ray’s ascent from mama’s little helper to queen of a culinary empire and Emmy-winning TV host — to appreciating life’s small pleasures, like candlelit baths and the ease of shoe-shopping on the Internet!

During this holiday weekend, I’m happy to be home and reconnecting with some of my girlfriends here at the beach. Whether you’re planning a peaceful or raucous three days, I hope you come back feeling energized and optimistic!

Love and Success,

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