"Happy Friday!" - Glambition Radio

“Happy Friday!”

Summer is in full swing, and I’m enjoying my favorite season here at the beach! This weekend, I’m also checking out a hot new club in West Hollywood with a pal. Summer always puts me in the mood for dancing — must be the hot weather that makes going out at night to be more social more fun ; )

You asked for it, so this issue focuses on a hot topic for solo entrepreneurs – how to build your list quickly! Read the three list-building tips, then be sure to read the “life” article, a very important reminder about how you should be spending your valuable time. As a solo entrepreneur it can be VERY easy to get bogged down in details. A key to your success is learning to prioritize, but more importantly learning to delegate. Find out how you can maximize your time without breaking the bank.

Have a great weekend, and get plenty of fun in to refresh you for a productive week!

Love and Success,

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