"Happy Friday!" - Glambition Radio

“Happy Friday!”

I’ve definitely been working on deadline a lot lately and that means working in my “masculine”. It’s time for a truly feminine weekend. This weekend I’m checking out a spiritual dance workshop with one of my girlfriends. I’m excited about experiencing an activity I love in a new way, and after that, I’m looking forward to enjoying another weekend at the beach.

This week, we look at learning to say ‘no’, creating killer content for YOUR readers, and summer beauty. I can’t believe June is already over, and I’m getting excited about my upcoming Coaching Business Intensive in July. Next week, I’ll share an exclusive interview I gave to Insights magazine about CBI.

This weekend, strive to do something outside of your normal routine. Whether it’s something brand new, or a variation on an activity you already love.

Love and Success,

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