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“Happy Friday”

I’m back from the red rocks of Arizona and getting ready for the Grammy Awards this Sunday! I also just recorded the second episode of my new podcast –

Entrepreneur Women’s Success Secrets!

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Are you feeling enthusiastic?

Of course when we start a business, we’re brimming with enthusiasm! But if you’ve been in business for a while and you’re starting to feel bored, it’s time to shake things up.

This week’s business feature below offers nine tips for renewing your entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Why some women feel like “fakes”…

Many women harbor a secret feeling that they are “faking” their fabulousness. Listen ladies – you earned it and there’s no reason to deny your hard work.

If you need a little reminder of that, read this week’s “life” article. I think you’ll find it VERY interesting.

This January, my team and I hit the ground running and I hope you have done the same! 2010 promises to be an extraordinary year.

Love and Success,

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