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“Happy Friday”

Wow, I’m still basking in the afterglow of the Grammys on Sunday – what a show! Here’s a quick shot of my honey and I entering the red carpet. The event and musical acts were spectacular – my favorite act was Pink and her breathtaking aerobatics.

But I admit the afterparty was even better – we danced and danced! Took me most of Monday to recover from 10 hours in 4″ Jimmy Choos, but it was worth it ; )

You can learn who I saw up close and see some more pics on my Facebook Fan Page.

With music and celebs on my mind, I thought I’d keep the theme going for this week’s articles – enjoy!

What You Can Learn From Madonna’s Marketing Genius…

If you think about it, all of the most successful stars are business CEOs. More than anything, they are masters of manipulating their own brand. Madonna is perhaps the most adept at this and her career longevity speaks for itself. Enjoy this week’s biz feature about one of my favorite business icons, the “material girl”!

Is it Time to Get in Shape and Look and Feel Great?

This week’s lifestyle article profiles celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who is all the rage here in L.A. Learn which body type you are and get some great tips that you can implement at home. Remember we entrepreneurs operate at a higher level than most, so taking care of yourself is a priority for good energy. (And it doesn’t hurt to look great either!)

Have a great weekend – and don’t forget, the Easy 8-pay plan for SHINE ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t already, click here to snag your seat!

Love and Success,

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