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Hello From the Road + A Special Invitation for August 19

What a week it’s been…

I’m back from a birthday road trip to the coast celebrating my big 5-0 with my husband Brett. (Thank you ALL for the warm birthday wishes!)

If you saw my recent IG Live done from the car last Monday, you heard me express my immense gratitude for life and what’s yet to come… as well as acknowledge the strangeness that we’re all experiencing right now. It’s an emotional, unfiltered share, and many people told me they got teary listening to it as well! You can find it here.

After I saw the huge response to that live, I was doing more pondering on all this.

We are at the helm of bringing in new ‘consciousness’… and while many of us are feeling very alone right now, it’s important we shine brightly together.

Especially in the current divisive times that will get worse before they get better, we need to seek new circles of other elevated thinkers and powerful leaders.

Because for those of us who have always felt incredibly different, we are actually shifting into a time that was made for us. And it’s critical for those of us at the forefront to tap into the support of other visionary women.

If this calls to you, and you have built a business over the 7-figure mark, I have a special invitation for you. (And if you’re not at 7 figures yet, see the PS below!)

Please join me for a special call I’m hosting NEXT week on August 19 to share more about The Trust.

The Trust is the modern, premier network for 7+8 figure women entrepreneurs who are looking for something much different than your typical mastermind or business group.

I will be personally leading this call to share more details about The Trust, including all the benefits as well as our upcoming LIVE and virtual events. I will also be answering your questions, so you can see if this would be a great fit for your goals this year.

To learn more and apply for an invite, visit our special call page here.

I hope to see you on there! And if you have any questions about The Trust you’d like a quick answer to, feel free to DM us on Instagram.


PS — If you aren’t at 7-figures (yet!) but would love to be privy to this incredible circle of women, consider joining us at my November event. Learn more and apply to join us at www.IconicWithAliBrown.com.
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