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How I made babies…

OK I’m sure you know “how” my twins happened. (If not, go ask anyone and they can likely explain to you.)

But what you may not realize is how long I waited for the right relationship in my life. I didn’t meet Brett until I was nearly 42.

And apparently these little souls couldn’t wait to get down here to grow and play with us. They appeared on our radar within a few months after our meeting, and were born last May as big, healthy, full-term twins. (I can’t believe Jordie and Maddie will be one year old soon!)

People are saying to me, “It’s amazing how much you’ve shifted because of the babies. You seem more happy, at peace, clear, etc.” 

Yes, in some ways. But actually, they don’t realize the more profound factor was my making a shift for myself that finally attracted my next beautiful chapter.

I decided to COMMIT. 

And it wasn’t to “doing more”.

It was to several things though…

To connect with God at least daily, even if I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

To have the courage to make more space in my life. (Even though I was scared to death that if I slowed down, my success would stop.)

To stop pushing so much… and start asking for help (and receiving).

To only say ‘yes’ to opportunities that aligned with my chosen path.

In a nutshell, I traded in my perfectionism for peace.

It boils down to just a few simple steps. And because so many of you have been asking about this recent transformation, I’m ready to open up and talk about it all on a free call on May 8.

It’s called “Revelation! 3 Keys to Honoring Your Highest Calling”, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Come join me here.

Love and success,

P.S. On this call I will help you release that anxiety you feel right now, about everything—and where to trade it in… for confidence and certainty. 

Sound good? Join me here.

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