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“How to Break the Mold on a Daily Basis” by Ali Brown

If you feel trapped in a routine doing the same thing over and over again… if boredom and monotony has crept into your days… if you wake up each morning and wish you were on vacation rather than at work… then it’s time to shake things up in your life!

Repetitive habits and unchanging patterns make us feel comfortable, and so we tend to stick to doing them. Being comfortable is fine—but, staying within your comfort zone too long can lead to lethargy and apathy. A change can be as effective as rest when it comes to rejuvenating yourself and increasing productivity levels.

So, how do you change your I-wish-I-could-take-a-break feeling into a this-is-fun, I-am-more-energized-than-ever situation? Read on and get ready to take action today…

Do Something Different

For most of us, doing certain daily tasks have become such a routine, we never stop to question them. Being mindful of every task, however small it may seem, will allow you the awareness you need to bring some freshness into your life.

Start with something small. Have your lunch ordered from a different deli, change the sequence in which you get dressed, take your dog on a new walking route, or meet a client in person instead of over the phone. Today, for example, I decided to go paddle-boarding in the middle of the day instead of in the morning.

Making a small shift like this is a great way to get your mind moving on a new track, and it can act as a reminder that there are more (and possibly better) ways to get something done.

Meet New People

When conversations begin to seem like déjà vu and you can predict exactly who’ll be wearing what at your next meeting, you know it’s time to meet new people. Bringing people with varied interests into your circle is one of the best ways to get exposure to new ideas and activities. Join a new group or association that reflects your interests and hobbies, like a dance class at your gym, or recreational classes at your local community college.

To meet a wider spectrum of business owners, check your local business events calendar. Consider attending your Chamber of Commerce networking gathering, Business Networking International, or local entrepreneur group meetings.

And perhaps it’s time to improve your love life as well? Ask friends to set you up on dates or join the millions of people who are meeting potential mates via reputable online sites. I have a girlfriend who is still looking for the right guy, but has ended up making some great business connections this way as well, so you never know!

Create Space for Yourself

One reason we feel trapped in our daily lives is because we don’t make space for ideas and creativity. Our lives take on a humdrum routine because we don’t PLAN for freedom. That’s why it’s so important to create a boundary of time and space for PLAY every day.

This could be alone time at the park or beach, a bubble bath, or quiet time at your desk in front of a blank page. However you choose to do it, just make sure you are alone with your thoughts and no interruptions.

One of my favorite ways to create space is taking my paddle-board out on the ocean. It’s when I get my best ideas—what I call my “divine downloads”. I’m also a big fan of a nightly Jacuzzi before I go to bed.

It’s in this space that you’ll be able to come up with something new that will excite you and help you break out of your routine. Remember, all you need is ONE new idea to shift your life to new heights.


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