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How to create great DIY videos for your promotions…

alikeriWhen you watch a video that features someone who is engaging and genuine, doesn’t it captivate your attention?

And wouldn’t you like that person to be YOU?

If you are ready to use video to become an influencer and create a profitable brand in your field, then don’t miss my client Keri Murphy’s free webinar, Video Secrets Revealed Live.

I wanted to drop you a note about it today because it’s happening TOMORROW, June 16.

Reserve your spot here now.

Keri knows what it takes to build a successful business using video and has helped hundreds of other business owners build their businesses using video as well.

I myself have gotten some GREAT tips from Keri on how to look and sound fantastic in my videos! I am recommending her free webinar because I really believe in what she shares.

On the webinar, Keri will be sharing:

* How to get over your fear of being on camera
* The 3 things that you have to have to create great DIY videos
* How to create scripts that sell
* The # 1 place that you should be using video

Don’t just be another person in your industry. Connect authentically, confidently and powerfully on-camera to reach your next level of leadership and success!

Reserve your spot here now for tomorrow’s webinar.

Love and success,

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