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How to get out of your circle (and out of the ‘sausage fests’!)

Is the company you keep expanding your growth and emboldening your work in the world?

If it’s true that ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’, consider if your current circles are a bit stagnant.

Many women, without being conscious of it, end up landing in (and staying in) the same rooms and masterminds, year after year. The ones they are ‘comfortable’ in. They feel like family, and that’s great.

But then, there’s a calling. They realize they can still attend those meetings and love those folks, but they also need to now be more strategic about seeking out curated, elevated rooms. (Be it for higher revenues, higher-level thinking, or both.)

When they do so, the only option they typically find is — excuse how my client put this, but it’s so perfect — the ‘bro-down sausage fest’.

(All or mostly guys.)

And listen, if you enjoy that, great. High performing men bring a different, and necessary, energy to the world. There are times I seek out that energy myself, and years ago I got started as the only woman in a mastermind of 22 dudes. (OMG… the inappropriate jokes I endured for all of you! Waaaaay before #metoo.)

But we also deserve ‘a room of our own’.

Just imagine the powerful + lasting impact of spending two full days with 80 extraordinarily powerful female visionaries, free thinkers, and firebrands.

You can. This November 3+4 here in Phoenix, AZ.

‘I’ve never been in a room like this before’, is a comment we hear often after attending any of my events.

There’s no faster way to unlock your next level of impact + success than by surrounding yourself with the women who have the keys.

This is your LAST CALL to join our Priority Notification List to be first to know when applications open next week.

Please note in past years ICONIC has sold out from this list ALONE… And with space for only 80 women to attend, and 17 of those spots already snatched up by my members of The Trust, I suggest that… even if you’re just curious… to get on that list here.

This will be my last blog before we go LIVE!


PS — Even if ICONIC isn’t for you, consider passing on this post to a female leader for whom you know this event could make a huge difference. She deserves the same opportunity you have in your hands right now.
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