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I thought she was a nut, until she changed my life…

In 2005 I hosted my first ever workshop here in Los Angeles. I had just 28 people registered, and I remember praying that it would all go smoothly and nothing would explode and I wouldn’t die! I was excited, but so stressed out at the same time.

During the event, I kept finding myself drawn to this lovely brunette in the audience who had the most soothing yet strong, knowing energy. Her name was Baeth Davis, and at the time I simply knew her as a palm reader.

I didn’t know what to make of her at first, honestly. I remember thinking, “Really? Well, good for her. I hope she gets more business from the online system I’m teaching.”

As I got to know Baeth, I came to know how truly brilliant and insightful she was about helping others find their life purpose, and I learned about the actual neuroscience behind this particular type of palmistry! I was quite surprised, and honestly impressed.

So when she offered ME a reading in 2006 as a thank you for helping her so much with her business, I said YES.

Because I was restless inside.

You probably saw I was experiencing great success outwardly. It was my first million-dollar year. I was teaching internet marketing, and having fun with it. But I knew, deep down, at a soul level, my purpose was much bigger. So much that I’d often cry at night, asking to be shown the way. I felt I wasn’t doing something right.

I heard God calling me to a higher purpose, but in trying to figure it out and listen for clues, I felt like I was running around in the dark, grasping at this and that, asking, “Is this it? What about this? Maybe over here?”

And the moment I said YES to Baeth, was the moment I said YES to myself. To get clarity on MY calling. To honestly understand exactly what I was here for, and best next steps to take toward it.

It reminded me of that moment in The Matrix movie (one of my favorites), when Neo is given the choice to take the red pill or the blue pill. The red pill will show him the bigger truth, and a world where he has the power to create his own reality. But then he can never go back to the way things were. The blue pill would let him stay exactly where he was, which was okay, but he knew there was something much more.

I chose the red pill.

It was the beginning of my moving in a blissful new direction. And without writing ten more pages about what’s happened since then, I will share that life is an amazing dream come true. My path is clear, and the guesswork is gone. There is effort, but not struggle. I wake up every day with clarity and joy and use my best gifts to help others.

And I’m also very aware of my own sore spots that can easily get in my way (and ones that are unique to me)… and ohhhhhh I hate those! But now I know what they are. 😉

With this new awareness I gained, I work in partnership with my Creator to be the woman I was brought here to be, and give the gifts I’m supposed to give. And that is the biggest gift of all.

I’m writing you today to let you know that Baeth is hosting her acclaimed “GIFTED” event in just a few weeks… Sept. 6-9 in Phoenix, Ariz., and I’d love to see you attend. She only has a few dozen seats left, and then the doors are closing on this powerful live experience.

There are very few events I would URGE you to attend this year, and this is one of them. First of all because I am such a huge supporter of Baeth and her work. Second of all, this year’s theme is “Love & Money on Purpose”, and I see SO many of my clients get stuck around these issues, which gets in the way of their success! And third, because Baeth’s teachings have changed thousands of lives and helped people finally find their unique life purpose.

I’ve attended this event myself THREE TIMES, and I promise all you have to do is show up with an open mind and heart. You’ll leave the event transformed, with 100% clarity on your unique and true gifts to offer the world, as well as your sore spots to heal around the two biggest areas of pain for us spiritual entrepreneurs: love and money. And of course there’s so much more, but I’ll let Baeth share the details, and you can decide if this is a good fit for you.

What a wonderful way to kick off the fall season, and get clear on YOUR gifts to bring to the world through YOUR business!

Here’s the page you want to go to now. Take a look and see if this isn’t exactly what you need right now.

I promise GIFTED will change your business and life forever, just like Baeth changed mine.

Love and Success,



PS—  One of the reasons I keep going back to Gifted is not only Baeth’s amazing content, but also the transformational venue, blessed by a Native American tribe. You will feel the beautiful energy the moment you step foot on the grounds! And the spa is a healing experience. Reserve your seat here now, and I hope to see you there!

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