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Is there ‘light’ at the end of all this?

Last night, I was fretting a bit over the state of the world—especially for our children—and then looked down to see this…

I’ve had a gorgeous crystal floor lamp in the corner of my office for years, but have never seen light shine through the prisms in this way.

It took my breath away. For me, it meant God is with us. Take a deep breath, stay aware, stay in love, and stay above all the noise. Fear feeds the problem, and fuels the enemy.

Staying strong but ‘in peace’ isn’t easy, but it’s where we need to be.

Within a span of mere months, entire systems and institutions we grew up with and relied upon are breaking down or being transformed in an intense way. It’s all getting turned on its head, and ‘we the people’ are bearing the brunt of the disruption.

In Issue No. 7 of my newsletter, ‘The Iconoclast’, I share how while there is light at the end of the tunnel, and a good side to some of what’s happening now, our own ‘light’ is needed to see this through.

It’s a bit of a wakeup call in more ways than one. Enjoy this brand new article, and be sure to subscribe at so you never miss an issue.


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