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"Is Your Business Less Than 3 Years Old? Then Don’t Miss My Free Call TOMORROW"

When I started my first business 12 years ago out of my tiny kitchen in NYC, all I had was an idea, an old computer, and a bit of gumption to actually try being a business owner.
I had no business experience, no money, no clue! Those first few years were rocky for sure. In fact, after today, coaching hundreds of business owners, many who are starting their first ventures, I know for sure…
Your first THREE years in business are typically your toughest by far.
In my experience, this is also when most of you want to GIVE UP. You may think:
“This is just too much”, or
“I have no idea where to start”, or
“I’m so overwhelmed and not sure where to focus!”
The GOOD news is, if you can get through these first three years with the RIGHT information, plan, and mindset, you can be SET for life!
But it’s sad that many give up. So I’m doing a special FREE CALL TOMORROW that will share the KEY elements to making your business WORK during this foundational phase. It’s called “Solid Steps to Success” and it takes place this TOMORROW, March 15, at 8pm (ET).
Here’s just a few of the things I’ll be covering on this free call:
* 3 KEYS that will reveal if YOUR business will be successful, period. (Yes, really. You’ll be happy to hear how simple this is, and you’ll get an INSTANT “a-ha” on the call.)
* How to get out of overwhelm, IMMEDIATELY. For new business owners, it’s about where to start first. And for those of you further along, how to get re-focused fast. (You will LOVE this!)
*What you ABSOLUTELY need to focus on in your marketing, what you don’t, and how to keep that simple, too. (Hint: You’re actually doing way too much. I’ll explain what I mean.)
* How much TIME you should be spending on WHICH parts of your business. (Let me take the guesswork out of how to plan your week.)
* The 5 keys to making money with your business RIGHT AWAY—and over the long-term too. (There’s a difference, and I’ll help you plan for both: generating short-term cash-flow while you move toward your long-term plan.)
I promise you will leave this call RELIEVED and ENERGIZED about your business venture, with NEXT STEPS in hand!
Save your spot here now.
Love and success,

PS — I designed this call especially for those in their first 3 years of a business venture, but we are receiving overwhelming response by ALL types of entrepreneurs. And I am happy to see that. Why? Because these SOLID STEPS are truly timeless and will benefit ALL business owners with a good foundation for success!
PPS — Feel free to invite your clients, friends, and colleagues to this call by forwarding them this blog post. But be sure to reserve your spot here first before you forget! See you there 🙂

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