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“It’s Time to Try Something New!”

Let’s face it: most of us are afraid of trying something new for fear of failing. We don’t want to look silly or incompetent in front of our colleagues, friends, spouses, or children, so we make excuses.

We say “I’m too busy for karaoke night. I can’t go out for sushi, because I don’t have a babysitter. I’m on a budget, so I’ll have to skip that hiking trip.”

But by making lame excuses, we’re depriving ourselves of a valuable opportunity to grow and learn. Trying something new can be the first step toward an enriching life experience. It can also help you gain confidence that will improve your professional and personal life, or it might help you acquire new skills and meet new people.

Here are some small, simple things you can do to bust out of a rut and get into the habit of trying new things:

* Rearrange your workday. It’s easy to get into a rut if you follow the same routine day after day and week after week, but there are lots of little things you could to prevent this. Try taking your work to a different location (a coffee shop, park, or library, for example) and gain a fresh perspective. Or you could tackle things in a different order. You may be surprised to discover that things actually run better with a slightly different process.

* Change your route. If you normally drive to the office, then take a different route or try riding a bike instead. If you normally ride public transportation, then consider getting off a few stops early and walking the rest of the way. You’ll gain a whole new perspective and perhaps find new places to try for lunch or happy hour.

* Mix up mealtime. Never tried Norwegian food? Curious about Cuban? Here’s your chance. Swap something new for your soup and salad routine, and you’ll expand your culinary horizons. Try a brand new restaurant. The worst that can happen is that you won’t like it and you’ll try something else next time!

* Learn online. Whether you want to learn a language or sharpen your web design skills, you can find an online course to fit your needs with a few minutes of research. Distance learning has exploded over the last several years, and it’s a great way to pick up new skills on your own time.

These are just a starting point to help you ease into the idea of trying new things. You could also mine your own interests for inspiration on new hobbies to explore. It only takes one little step outside your comfort zone to make you realize the world is full of adventures and opportunities waiting to be seized. Seek out and embrace these opportunities whenever you can.

Aim to do something different each day. It doesn’t have to be a big challenge, just something a little unfamiliar to keep things fresh and new. Who knows what exciting possibilities are waiting for you just around the corner?

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