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Just 3 days left to get $500 off my brand new Online Success Blueprint® System!

I had a fun, relaxing weekend that included sweet seats at Friday night’s Lakers game here in L.A.! A friend of mine had an extra ticket, and I was excited to go, as after living here for 8 years now I’d still not been to a game.

It was exciting being in the 10th row and seeing how big those guys are and how FAST they move! The energy in the stadium was incredible. (I also spotted Jack Nicholson, who is at most every game.)

I’m about to head out for a power walk on the beach, but wanted to make sure you were aware of the closing deadline on an offer NEVER to be repeated.

You see, I’m gifting you $500.00 toward my
BRAND NEW 2009 Online Success Blueprint® System,
but ONLY until this Wednesday, March 11. (Get the full scoop here.)

Yes THIS is the program you’ve been hearing about, and it’s the home-study version of the phenomenal training event I hosted in November. Created especially for coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers, this one-of-a-kind, 7-step program walks you through my entire system on using the Internet and information products to skyrocket your profits AND your free time.

And for the FIRST time ever, it includes a complete DVD set!

You can learn all about it and watch two sample videos now here.

You’ll likely be surprised at how affordable we’ve made it for you. OK, I’m off for my walk. Talk with you this week.

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