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Las chicas locas…? Oh yeah…

Glambition™ Radio continues to inspire—and myself included. Call these gals crazy, brilliant, powerful, or all of it… but no doubt these interviews will get you FIRED UP for 2015!

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Here’s a bit more about these amazing women…

* Linda Rottenberg is one of Time’s 100 Innovators of the 21st Century, and founder of the $4 billion organization Endeavor. She shared her story on how she was literally dubbed “la chica loca” with her initial idea that is now changing lives and growing economies around the world. (And we both have twins :))

* Kelsey Ramsden started out in the male-dominated construction industry at age 28 and built a multi-million dollar company that landed her title of Canada’s top female entrepreneur (you will love her humor too)

* Geri Stengel, author of Forget the Glass Ceiling, took her ideas that were ignored by her corporate counterparts and started her own business… and now she consults to the same types of companies that dissed her initial ideas (LOVE that!)

* Angela Jia Kim shared how her passion for mixing lotions became the multimillion dollar company Om Aroma & Co., and why she founded the networking organization Savor the Success

* Ingrid Vanderveldt is my soul sister! This gal has an incredible drive, and incredible connections in the business world. She told me her plan to change the global economy and the lives of a billion women by 2020.

* Marci Shimoff shared the self-esteem issues and journey of healing that turned her into the happiness expert behind The Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soul phenomenon.

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And hey, don’t take my word for it alone that these are powerful shows. Here’s just a sampling of the comments we are receiving:


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