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LAST CALL for my fall event…

This is a courtesy alert, that as of later this week, it’s suddenly September.

What? Yes. 😳

And, may I call you out? 

The year is only a few months from being over. 

You know, this year!!

The one you promised to do something different

Maybe you have a big idea that’s been percolating that you haven’t had time for. Or you have been craving time and stimulation to work on some new ideas for your existing business. Or… you’re having an existential crisis with your current business model — no shame we’ve all been there. 😉 

But mostly overall, we’ve been hearing that women entrepreneurs have been feeling a deep CALLING for something bigger. 

No matter the idea, it’s time to make space for it. 

Up your game. Shake things up. Be around other provocative thinkers. Work on those bold business moves. 

And psssst… can I make this easy for you? 

When you put yourself in a powerful room of women doing the same thing — ones at a certain level of business as well — it’s complete, undeniable MAGIC

All you have to do is attend my upcoming ICONIC event happening in Phoenix, Nov. 2+3. (In just a day or two, we will open for applications!) 

We’ve had many leaders attend this annual workshop who later shared that this gathering was a pivotal point in launching the next level of their great work in the world. 

They say something happens in that room that’s hard to describe, but they walk out as ‘different’ leaders than they’d arrived, even without all the pieces of their puzzle combined. They were working from and seeing things from a new level, simply from the action of attending

Dozens of entrepreneurial leaders together, recalibrating as a collective, skyrocketing our frequencies of possibility. Boom. 

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? 

You won’t be alone. There’s a reason that women from a variety of industries fly in from all over the country (and the world, when circumstances allow…) to attend this one-of-a-kind conference.

This will be my LAST reminder – so here’s what I recommend… 

Even if you’re just the LEAST bit curious, to go sign up for my ICONIC priority notification list here. Because we’re about to open for applications in a day or two – ONLY for those on this list. 

I promise we don’t over-mail, and we value your interest and trust in us.

Come join me in creating our own new revolution.


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