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Leadership, high heels, and how to be married…

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A bit about these episodes…

A Creative Boost! – For years—in both school and organizations we’ve worked in—we’ve been programmed to always have the right answers, instead of asking the right questions. But it’s the right questions that lead to better answers. Creative and critical thinking will set you up for more profound ideas and breakthroughs in your business—guaranteed. This special SOLO episode of Glambition Radio is my short primer to help you begin to regain this lost art.

Eleanor Beaton – Meet the leadership expert who got hate mail for telling women to STOP saying ‘yes’ to all those coffee dates with everyone! There’s a difference between being supportive of women versus saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone. Because it keeps us from gaining more seats at the big tables where deals are made. And WE are desperately needed for higher leadership. Boom. We just said it. Get ready for a VERY real conversation on women’s leadership with my client, Eleanor Beaton on Glambition Radio.

Katia Beauchamp – The 500-billion dollar beauty industry was begging for disruption, as products had been sold the same way for decades. Cue Katia Beauchamp with her revolutionary beauty box subscription idea: Birchbox. This gal was ready to make waves. And she did. The company grew rapidly, hitting its five-year plan in just seven months. Today Birchbox has more than 1 million subscribers, 4 million customers, 800 beauty and grooming brand partners, operations in six countries, and stores in New York City and Paris. Katia walks us through how she did it on this episode of Glambition Radio.

Liz Dennery Sanders – After years of running a Hollywood PR agency that got designer brands into celebrity hands, today Liz Dennery Sanders builds her clients strong, compelling brands that resonate. She was one of the first publicists out there to build relationships between brands and high-profile women, working with icons like Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and Gwyneth Paltrow. And she walks us through her best branding secrets on this episode of Glambition Radio.

Abby Lou Walker – Abby Lou Walker’s passion for high heels paid off in a big way with her Vivian Lou insoles. What started as a hobby business (while being a full-time working mom), turned into a single-product company with multi-million dollar annual sales. What I really love about her story is that Abby had the guts to ask a question no one had thought to ask, and then follow it through. As soon as she stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to go for it, the universe handed her golden opportunities, including the chance to sell her insoles on the Home Shopping Network (she sold out her first three times on air!). She tells all on the show.

Jo Piazza –  She’s an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of seven books, but it was Jo Piazza’s most recent nonfiction “How to Be Married” that got my attention. But what REALLY made this a great show was hearing about all of Jo’s combined careers and adventures over the years! For those of you who have always felt your way into new things, you’re going to love how this gal rolls. And I have to say this was one of the most entertaining conversations we’ve had on Glambition Radio. (Including my 4-year-old son busting in on us, but I digress…)

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