"Learn From Disney and Make Your Business Dreams Come to Life!" - Glambition Radio

"Learn From Disney and Make Your Business Dreams Come to Life!"

Walt Disney trademarked the term in 1967 after he assembled a team of creative and technical wizards to turn his vision for a theme park into a real place. Disney’s employees are known as Imagineers, and their job is to envision the most amazing dreams possible and then find ways to execute them through science and technology.
However, anyone can use the Imagineering process and apply it to her own business goals. It’s a powerful yet practical way to dream up new ideas and carry them out.
Read on to discover how you can use Imagineering to bring your business dreams to life. You might be tempted to merge these steps into one, but in Imagineering, it’s important to take things one step at a time. Otherwise, you might shoot down your dream before you have the chance to make it happen.
Step #1: Dream Big! Once you get into the Imagineer mindset, ideas will come to you anywhere: while you’re shopping, meeting a friend for lunch, or running on the treadmill. But Imagineers recommend that you actually set aside some quiet time specifically for brainstorming. Do whatever you need to feel creative, whether that means listening to music, lying down, or lighting some candles. Take a few deep breaths and empty your mind, then start to daydream and see where it takes you. If you need help getting started, then ask yourself: What would I achieve in an ideal world? And what might get me there? You could also doodle on a sheet of paper. Whatever you do, let the ideas come to you and don’t get caught up on logistics.
Step #2: Give Yourself a Reality Check. After your mind has been whirring with an array of big dreams for your business, the last thing you want to do is leave all those ideas locked inside your mind. Bring them into the open by having a reality check. You can do this yourself or ask a trusted colleague to help (just make sure it’s someone who believes in your vision so they don’t dismiss them too quickly). Once your dreams undergo a little scrutiny, it’s time to organize an action plan and implement your dream.
Step #3: Be Your Own Critic. Next you need to test your action plan and put it through its paces. Be on the lookout for any potential problem and ask yourself What are the consequences if something goes wrong? Am I missing anything? Then be ready to act accordingly to make adjustments.
Once you’ve performed steps 1-3, think about ways to enhance your product or solution. Walt Disney was never happy with “good enough,” and his pursuit of excellence has worked extremely well for his company. Whatever the size and scope of your business, Imagineering has the potential to benefit every aspect.
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