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Let's Clear This Up: I AM Still Personally Mentoring Clients…

After years of leading what many regard as the most successful coaching programs for small business owners in the industry — one of which cost $100,000 to participate in — I made some changes this year. Change often brings with it speculation and rumor, so I’m here to clear a few things up.
After two dynamic years of running my Diamond tier of the Millionaire Protégé Club, I decided to end the program at the conclusion of 2010. Like Sting did with the Police right after their Synchronicity album (one of my all-time favorites), I wanted to go out on a high note, with an amazing group of members who made great strides during the year! And because I am stepping into a new role within TV and in the media and working toward some more personal goals of mine, I wanted to make room for magic to happen.
However I know there’s been some talk going around, the likes of, “Ali doesn’t want to do mentoring anymore, she’s not interested in coaching, she’s moved onto bigger things, etc.” While I continue to evolve myself and my career, that could not be further from the truth.
Nothing makes me more proud or excited, often to the point of tears, as when I see my business-owner clients have a big breakthrough, share a success story that changed their lives, or multiply their income in ways they could have only imagined! I love to mentor, it’s what I’m here to do, and will continue to do so.
As you likely know, my Platinum tier is my most popular program. This year we have 117 members who will be working with myself and our head coach James Roche over the entire span of 2011 together. For many entrepreneurs this is the perfect solution for year-long business development and personal growth, with an intense dual-curriculum, live retreats, and a strong and supportive community.
In order to keep my schedule more open and flexible for television and travel for media and speaking, along with keeping my ear to the ground for what women entrepreneurs desire right now, it’s true I have decided to no longer do *long-term* personal mentoring arrangements. However, I AM offering a few select options for established business owners who want to work with me personally in 2011.
I’ve come to realize there are many established entrepreneurs who just want to take my advice and run with it. They are self-starters, have their own support networks and communities, and are happy to pay for an honest assessment and some serious strategizing, which they can then go off and implement on their own.
So what I’ve decided to do is offer a few options for those of you who fit this description…
Option 1. Small Group Mentoring via Biz 180

If you’d like to receive fast and direct feedback from me in one concentrated day at an incredibly reasonable investment, I designed this brand new program just for you.
Biz 180 allows you to be one of only a handful of entrepreneurs to strategize your business path with me during a POWERFUL, ONE-DAY, CLOSED-DOOR session held here in Los Angeles.
It’s designed for entrepreneurs who desire my no-holds-barred advice in an intimate setting. During our meeting — along with only 8 participants total — I’ll direct you to your fastest, most streamlined path to profits. Additional private phone calls are included as well.
And best of all, I am keeping the investment very accessible… at less than $5,000 per person. Only qualified applicants will be accepted.
I announced my first Biz 180 day for February a few weeks ago, and it filled within days. Due to overwhelming demand, I am now adding a second opportunity for a date in March. Spots are first come, first served.
Full details — including date and location — will be revealed to those who “raise their hand” and complete a short phone interview by visiting this page here now.
Option 2: A VIP Private Consulting Day With Me
For those who desire individual attention — and the utmost confidentiality in our working arrangement — I have a few select dates available this year to qualified applicants for a full day of consulting here in Los Angeles, Calif. VIP days start at $30,000, and several pre-requisites apply. On occasions I may be available to travel for these days if you wish to have your consult in New York, Boston, Dallas, or Miami. Additional fees apply for travel.
A VIP day is especially perfect for those who wish to keep our arrangement confidential, if desired. I privately mentor several leaders in their fields as well as peers who desire for me to be their “behind-the-scenes secret weapon” in mapping out their strategy each year during their growth. I am here to strategize for qualified clients in whatever way they need.
For more information and to schedule an interview for a VIP Private Consulting Day, please contact Jennifer.Clark@alibrown.com or call her at 888-484-5559 x21.
I hope this post clears up these issues while we are revamping our websites. And if you or someone you know would be a great fit for either of these opportunities, please contact us via the options above. Thank you!

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