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“Make a Big Noise About Your Business Via Radio”

Becoming a regular guest on radio shows is an innovative and surefire method of publicizing your business and getting your message heard. With many more listeners than there are TV viewers and newspaper readers, radio offers a large, captive audience that could become your customers. And radio producers have lots of slots they need to fill. You don’t have to be a big-name celebrity to ride the airwaves; just offer yourself as an expert guest to talk show hosts and producers.

Here are six tips on making yourself the kind of guest every radio host and producer will want.

1.    Become an expert. Believe it or not, you probably already have knowledge and information about your industry that people will want to hear about. Do you write for magazines or local newspapers? Radio producers are always scanning them for content ideas and expert interviewees.

2.    Do your research. Spend some time listening to a variety of shows and become familiar with the style and tone of each host and station. Are they chatty and casual? Or more businesslike and newsy? What types of guests do they usually have and how long is each segment? Look for programs whose audience demographic matches that of the customers you want to attract for your services or product.

3.    Be informative. Make sure that you’re providing valuable information to the host and listeners. As an expert guest, you should have up-to-date knowledge of your field and the ability to tell a good story. Don’t turn the interview into a sales pitch. Instead, focus on providing information. You’ll usually get a plug at both the beginning and end of the interview, and the station’s website may even include a link to your business.

4.    Entertain listeners. Present your information in a compelling, lively, and informative manner. Modulate your voice so that you don’t sound flat or boring. Add humor when you can, and enjoy your time on the air. Radio hosts are always conscious of maintaining listener’s interest, so don’t give listeners an excuse to change stations. Losing listeners means losing revenue for the station.

5.    Speak in sound bites. Get your message across in short, crisp sentences. No one enjoys listening to a guest who rambles. Your goal is to be brief and succinct; answering questions clearly and naturally and avoiding long-winded responses. Radio thrives on interaction, so don’t speak in monologues. Try coming up with a few phrases that will resonate and stick with your audience.

6.    Be yourself. Most importantly, don’t be tempted to imitate a radio voiceover artist. Speak naturally and with confidence, and let your friendly, vivacious personality shine through. That’s the key to landing repeat invitations for radio interviews.

Remember, you do not have to beg or plead for a radio show to help you. They want great guests and that includes you. So, approach them from a position of power, and make this an integral part of your marketing mix.

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