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Meet my winners of my ‘Entrepreneur to Watch’ Contest!

Well, the votes are in! After a long deliberation with my team this morning, I’m ready to announce the winners of my “Entrepreneur to Watch” Facebook contest!

This was one of the hardest contests I’ve ever judged, so if you submitted your vote to help me in my decision, Thank You! Each finalist had such unique stories, so my team and I took those and other factors into consideration, including the number of votes to make a decision we felt comfortable with.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The winners are:

GOLD Prize and THE “Entrepreneur to Watch of 2013!”Trish Blackwell of Uncaged Confidence LLC!

Trish is a confidence coach, personal trainer, author, app publisher and podcast show host who specializes in accelerating her client’s lives to a whole new level through breakthrough strategies from “the inside out”, helping thousands around the world conquer life with confidence. Congratulations Trish!

SILVER Winner of my “Entrepreneur to Watch” contest – Mia Rose of SoulWoman Sanctuary!

Mia is the founder of SoulWoman Sanctuary— a warm, vibrant community of female leaders who connect, collaborate and create with the vision of offering our gifts to the world. Congratulations Mia!

of my “Entrepreneur to Watch” Contest – Kristen Brown of Happy Hour Effect!

Kristen is a business coach and Founder of the Happy Hour Effect, a training program that helps entrepreneurs ignite their work and life. Congratulations Kristen!

I also want to give honorable mention to ALL our finalists.

Honorable mention goes to:

Rachel Holmes – As owner of Aidan James Salon (and more than 6 other salons, spas and med-spas), Rachel is aiming to be at the top of her industry and she’s on a mission to educate, empower and grow women’s leadership in business.

Elizabeth Hughes – Founder of Amaranth Collection, an affordable online boutique with a store in Tulsa, OK that values customer service over just “moving” product out the door.

Ali RittenhouseAn entrepreneur and business coach who’s mission is to activate a new generation of entrepreneurial women who run their online businesses from anywhere in the world.

Mimi Zelman – President of Women With Know How, a strong community of women that is helping women grow their businesses and she’s the publisher of the Women With Know How Magazine, a publication that caters to business owners and professionals.

Kristen Tammaro – A business coach and creator of Relaxation Business Coaching, an online business that teaches holistic entrepreneurs how to set clear boundaries in business and use their website and social media to attract the right kind of clients.

Sandy Bodeau – Creator of Sira Mara, a jewelry and accessories company that “breaks the rules, not the bank.” She channeled her love for fashion and travel to create a collection of unique but affordable accessories.

Meagen Gibbs Bunten – Creator of Women Races, a women’s racing resource and global database that bridges the gap between races and racers, creating the ultimate race search engine and community where fitness passions are shared.

Let’s give a shout out to ALL women who are thriving in their businesses in 2013. Pat yourself on the back, ladies. You deserve it!

Love and success,

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