"Meet the Nuttiest Woman I Know… Who Can Help YOU Setup an Easy WordPress Website!" - Glambition Radio

"Meet the Nuttiest Woman I Know… Who Can Help YOU Setup an Easy WordPress Website!"

Have you heard of Christina Hills? She was one of my coaching members last year, and her business in helping people create fun and easy WordPress websites—WITHOUT needing a web designer—has taken off like gangbusters!
Her newest video is truly nutty! BUT I promise if you opt-in on this page you’ll get some great FREE instruction on how to set up a WordPress website, fast and easy from scratch.
You may also recognize Christina from my event SHINE, where she hosted a breakout session, and also as a guest on my LiveCast this past December where we highlighted her success story.
So get ready for “Little Web Riding Hood.” All spoofs aside, there are some valuable gems of information in this series. Once you sign up, you receive an audio recording and detailed PDF handout, complete with screenshots, step-by-step instruction, and action items to build and improve your website.
Here’s a sampling of the content that Christina will share with you:
* How to get started using WordPress to create your new website
* How to use WordPress to publish your newsletter, instead of using the “Blog” page
* The difference between using “Pages” vs. “Posts” in WordPress
* What is the “Sidebars” (a.k.a. widgets)
* The difference between a “Theme” and a “Template”
* The difference between your “Header Graphic” vs. “An Image in the Page/Post” vs. an “Image in the Sidebar…”
To get started with the FREE series, go here now.
Love and success,

P.S. Christina’s series is a FREE sampling of what’s in store at her upcoming Website Creation Workshop. Registration begins Tuesday, February 7, so don’t wait to get started. Access your free sample content here now.

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