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‘Monkey see, monkey do…’

Years ago — and I mean a looooong time ago… even in Internet years — one of the marketing ‘experts’ I spoke with on the circuit had a website with an opt-in box featuring a photo of himself smiling and pointing at the form. 

He showed screenshots of it during his talks, and taught his students to do it. 

So they did. 

And then everyone did.

Even though it was never specifically stated — let alone proven — that this feature would help their sign-up rates, monkey-see monkey-do. (Or in this case… monkey teach, monkeys see, monkeys follow.) 

Suddenly everywhere were websites by mini-guru minions and their friends… all with photos of themselves posed the same way, grinning ear to ear, pointing at their opt-in forms as if on a game show. 

It was like a type of plague. And everyone’s sites looked the same. 

(FYI: I believe I avoided this particular trend, even while selling online marketing courses. But I will outright own many embarrassments by today’s standards, including an image of a wildly excited version of myself in front of a desktop computer with oodles of cash flying out of its CPU. Hey… this was how we rolled back then. 😂)

We are a bit more sophisticated today in our marketing. But just as dumb in our copying.

And it’s grown into a more serious problem, because we’re not just copying what others DO. We’re copying how others THINK.

I am despondent when I see brilliant women try to evolve their businesses with the same mindsets that created them. Often they’re just digging a deeper hole of sameness. 

The BEST disruption for all this? Put yourself into conscious environments where your thinking and creativity can be ‘rocked’ automatically, stimulating UNIQUE and new ideas + solutions… instantly.

Being in a safe space with diverse, intelligent leaders is an uncommon and powerful opportunity these days. So we’re doing it again… in Phoenix, on November 2+3

In just a few weeks, ICONIC: The Revolution will be open for applications… but only for those on my Priority Notification List.

Even if you’re just curious, I suggest you have a look here.

Aren’t you ready for something different?


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