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My Brand-New Resource…

Witnessing our current times, it’s evident that critical thinking is more important—and urgent—than ever.

Our traditional institutions have failed us, conventional business models are floundering, and there is madness outside your door.

Join me for a new conversation designed to break us out of mainstay methods of doing business and achieving impact.

We are being called to something higher.

Because right now we are actually—albeit in a strange way—being guided to make rapid progress forward.

After three years of hosting my ‘Iconic’ workshops for business leaders, I’m now shifting to a brand-new message based on what I see we most need at this time.

Because all truth begins as heresy.

And all change-making icons actually start out as… iconoclasts.

I’m honored to be part of a newsletter pilot program on LinkedIn — which is where you can read and subscribe to my new biweekly publication The Iconoclast.

You can see my first issue and subscribe here.

Come read and join the conversation!


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