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My Holiday Sale ends tonight..

This is a final courtesy reminder that my Holiday Sale ends TONIGHT. If you’ve been eyeing ANY of my award-winning products for business and personal success, this is your LAST chance to SAVE 40%! 

To claim your savings, visit my Success Store by MIDNIGHT tonight and enter coupon code HOLIDAY40 at checkout. You’ll instantly SAVE 40% on your purchase. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or are ready to take your business to the next level, you’ll likely find a resource in my Success Store that can transform your business. 

Here’s just a FEW of the 15 products and courses you’ll find on sale TODAY:

“Networking Secrets: Simple Strategies for New Friends, Success, and Profits” – Get my networking strategies to have more fun meeting new people than ever before, as well as a PLAN to get the contacts you need to move your business forward fast. ($27 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

“Divine Success: The 7 Phases to Realizing Your Dreams” – Are you doing everything you can externally to make your business work, but aren’t getting the results you need? In this audio program, I reveal the complete, personal and succinct steps to tap into your higher power and uplevel your business, income, and life. You’ll discover the 7 DISTINCT PHASES you will go through whenever you step into your next version of success. ($197 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

“List Building System: Strategies, Tools, and Secrets to Grow Your Own Profitable List of Prospects Who Buy” – Win new qualified prospects, spot new opportunities, and keep growing your list—without exhausting your energy week after week trying figure it out all by yourself. Once your list-building system is up and running, your list will actually seem to grow itself, practically hands-free, as if you’d set it on auto-pilot. ($247 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

“24-7 Web Sales: Get More Leads and Clients Online at Little to No Cost” – In this step-by-step program, I partner up with content strategist Lisa Manyon to transform your website into a 24-7 SALES and list-building engine that works FOR you. Get ready to learn the insider secrets to dramatically improve your web content, for results that come in around the clock! ($247 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

“IncomePublishing™ Strategies: Create New Revenue Streams and Expert Status from Knowledge You Already Have” – Whether you realize it or not, YOU have knowledge that people will GLADLY pay for. But you can’t just grab any topic out of thin air and expect to make thousands of dollars on it. In this best-selling course, James and I share our insider secrets to creating info products that SELL. Here’s your chance to learn from not one but TWO experts in info-publishing. ($297 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

“Solid Steps to Success Kit” – To stay on the path to success, you need a fail-proof foundation in place—and this brand-new kit delivers. I’ll walk you through my proven, 3-pronged approach to helping you bring in profits and get your business on solid ground right away! ($347 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

“Coaching Business Secrets” – A step-by-step program designed for coaches and consultants of all levels to start, run, and grow their coaching business. You’ll get the A to Z’s of running a powerful, profitable coaching program in this 2-day workshop-in-a box. ($2,997 full price –TAKE 40% off!)

Elevate members get an additional 20% off—that means all my Elevate members SAVE 60% on all products! If you’re a member, watch your inbox for details on how you can redeem your exclusive member savings.

Love and success,

P.S. Remember, that coupon code will expire TONIGHT at midnight. So, visit my Success Store now, and claim your special 40% discount with coupon code HOLIDAY40!

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