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My legacy for 2020 and beyond…

Last week, I made the first public announcement of what is truly my ‘legacy play’ for 2020… and beyond.
If you haven’t heard all the details yet on Glambition® Radio, you’ll want to listen to this powerful episode now, because it also reveals the big problem I’ve observed that led me to this creation. And I have a feeling you’ll relate to it. 

On the show, I relay the fascinating NEW statistics that support what I’ve suspected for years — revealing why most of the entrepreneurial women’s ‘communities’ you find are designed for part-timers and beginners.
So where do you go when you reach the higher numbers? When you don’t necessarily need coaching, but you DO want to tap into a powerful network of vetted 7- and 8-figure women entrepreneurs, have access to exclusive events, and more?

I have it for you. And I’m beyond excited to finally publicly announce, The Trust.
The Trust is the new, private premier global network for women entrepreneurs with businesses generating over $1 million dollars annually.

Our mission is to accelerate the power of proven women entrepreneurs who are in positions to scale up and create impact.

Here are just a few responses listeners dropped us online regarding The Trust and the impact they see it will have...

But listen… The Trust is about world-class standards and legacy-level work. So I’m doing this very differently.
We are building this up slowly, solidly, and some would even say stealthily… compared to other launches in the past. It’s unequivocally about quality over quantity.

So membership is by invitation only. If you or a woman you know is currently running a business generating at least $1 million per year, this is your invitation to learn more, apply to be a founding member, and join us for our first ever event this March 4-5 in Miami Beach.

P.S. If you haven’t heard this episode yet though, that’s the best place to start. You’ll hear all the details about The Trust before you head over to our page. Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio here now (or download it for later).

And I’d love to know if you, or someone you know, is ready for this next level of impact and success. Come join in the conversation on Instagram or Facebook to let me know!

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