“My Prediction of the HUGE ‘Launch Bubble’ That’s Coming Fast… and How to Surpass It…” - Glambition Radio

“My Prediction of the HUGE ‘Launch Bubble’ That’s Coming Fast… and How to Surpass It…”

I was thrilled to see such a rush of comments and support for Part 1 of this series, which you can read here: Rumors, Lies, and Industry Goodbyes…”

A brief synopsis: Our online world seems to be valuing perception over reality.

Gross over net. And “bigness” over all else. My personal experience with how laying off two team members turned into a nationwide rumor I was “going under” was a humorous and perfect segue into looking at WHAT exactly is going on right now.

I shared that story because I thought it would resonate with many of you, and based on the response, I was right.

(Of course there were the odd few who said my post was “defensive” and not necessary. I always chuckle when people share their opinion online that they don’t think you should share your opinions online.)

The last year or two I have been a bit quiet and just doing my thing, but I am going to be sharing more posts about things I feel strongly about.

And Part 2 of this series is to address the insane congestion we are seeing online. And the “launch bubble” that we are already entering into. 

Bear with me here, because this is a long post, but there’s a lot we need to look at here…

We’ve been riding on a model valuing perception-over-reality, that’s fast going to burst.

Take only a few minutes to look around, and you will see there is (and has been for while) essentially NO barrier to entry in many of the online “businesses” you see today.

What does this mean? Well, anyone and their brother can get online and say they’re a coach, consultant, mentor, or visionary. (Oh, and thought leader.) People who haven’t run a lemonade stand (let alone a successful business) are selling success, business skills, or online marketing.

Some people ARE walking their talk, and doing it well.

But most are just creating a big mess.

And at this point, there is so much excess, pollution, and posturing on the Web and social media, it’s simply nauseating… to the point there have been times I have considered dropping out to do my work offline and under the radar. But my purpose in this lifetime is to “lean in”.

It seems if you aren’t posting constant selfies about your fabulous life, parading your clients and their results in front of everyone, and launching something new and amazing and BIG every month, some people are teaching that you’re not marketing hard enough. They don’t consider you a “player”.

(YES, you need to maintain visibility. No, you don’t need to exhaust yourself and constantly assault your followers. Be a leader—not a player.)

It seems most people online have become obsessed with not who they are actually being, but who they are appearing to be. Perception has trumped reality.

And that’s just the marketing end of things.

Now, let’s look at the state of your actual programs and offerings

Within hours of release, someone can copy your program, stick up a slick web page via a free template, and have people signing up via social media and affiliates—all with little to no investment in themselves or in their business.

And if they have money and time, they can do more slick videos and gimmicks on top of that to drive interest. Add more levels of complexity, a 12-step funnel, multi-media presentations, and hard sells to get more and more customers. The hardest marketer wins. (Or, they have in the past… read on.)

Add onto all this the fact you can now do things like buy your way to being a New York Times bestselling author … (Just pay enough money, do enough promotions, and ‘give away’ enough books. There’s a company that will do it for you.)…  and you start to see this world as we know it is about to hit a phase of complete implosion.

Because nothing means anything anymore.

And everything means nothing.

And no one is standing up and saying, “I call bullshit.”

Now… (deep breath)… stick with me here…

To put this into perspective, take a brief journey back with me about 10 years or so.

(OK, I feel OLD saying this… like I’m about to share a story that involves my having to walk to school every day, uphill, both ways. I’m only 43!)

No social media. No templates. No apps. No one-click ordering.

I had to power my computer with a hand crank. (Just kidding. Although I did a lot of my own HTML code, self-taught.)

Nothing was, well, so easy.

Back then, you had to really want this kind of business to get it off the ground. You had to invest in yourself in order to learn what it takes to create value for others and sell online. You had to figure out how to grow your list yourself. And you had to be good—really good—to get anyone’s attention and for them to invest in you. Or your stuff.

And you wouldn’t dare sell yourself as a coach or expert unless you were walking your talk. Otherwise, people would call bullshit.

I did my best to meet people in person, attend events, speak, and anything I could do with the limited money I had. I was the first woman on stage at many of the major internet marketing seminars, which at times was terribly uncomfortable… or even completely unenjoyable (oh I have stories to share!), but I felt it was something I had to do. 

I did what it took. I HAD to. Otherwise there would be no rewards. And that’s how I built a multimillion dollar business.

Now, lest you think I’m lamenting those days of old being gone, I would NEVER go back.

It’s just so much easier now! Really, it is. And I’m so glad.

The power we have now with these new tools of connection is invaluable. It’s an incredible time for all of us—especially women—to have these platforms to share our ideas. To share our voices. To share our worth. To create businesses with purpose… while we can work at home or from anywhere. It’s changed the world.

You know I stand for women and success. This post isn’t about that.

Here’s the BIG IDEA you have to understand… 

You are about to witness an epic transition that will be weeding out the women from the girls. The men from the boys. The leaders from the followers.

I predict a huge launch bubble that’s about to burst, as we reach complete market saturation.

What do I mean?

Think back to 2007-2009… the real estate bubble. After decades of real estate being exclusive to only those who could truly afford it, suddenly nearly anyone could buy a home.

At first it seemed like a great thing. Everyone could reach the American dream!

But this also included people for whom this was really the worst move in the world. Lenders pushed folks who could barely pay their bills into buying houses, and put everything they needed in their hands. Spoon fed. Instant gratification.

(And everyone was a lending agent as well, remember? I knew few people in LA at that time who hadn’t added “mortgage lender” to their business card.)

Then… we reaped what we sowed.

These folks couldn’t pay their bills, and added to a multitude of other factors including fraud within the financial industry itself, we witnessed a complete implosion of the industry.

It just wasn’t sustainable.

Home values dropped for everyone, and then buying a home became harder for everyone –- even those with money and great credit have had to jump through hoops the past few years to qualify for mortgages they could easily afford.

It’s really the ones who are serious and thinking long-term who are still doing well in real estate.

I see the same thing happening right now with online marketing.

We are witnessing the perfect storm of complete market saturation, lack of standards, and no barrier to entry for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon. 

Everything we say and do online is being devalued.

So where does this lead us?

I’m not advocating crazy regulations or trying to limit people getting online, teaching certain material, or even to call themselves a coach, consultant, or mentor. Everyone has the right. This is a free country. I’m just making observations here. 

But those of us who ARE leaders seriously have to re-think our strategy. Our leadership. And how we are working.

Just a few of the right moves can course-correct your business for long-term success and position you heads above the noise—instantly.

Part 3 of this series will be following soon, which will give my recommendations on what you MUST do now to prepare for this massive shift that’s already begun.

But in the meantime, if this post resonated with you…

If you feel it spoke to YOU… and everything you’re experiencing as a leader surrounded by a facade of imitators…

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And I’d love to read your COMMENTS below… are you feeling this bubble coming? What are you doing to prepare? How do you think you can stand out among all the noise?

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