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“New telecourse starts tomorrow!”

It’s Ali, and I want to remind you that you’ve still got time to sign up for a brand new telecourse being taught by my very own business mentor, Anne McKevitt, but hurry, because it starts tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11, at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific time!

This powerful course lays out the specific things that may be blocking you from massive success, and teaches you, step-by-step, how to overcome barriers and create your million-dollar destiny.


“50 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made Your First Million… Yet: Life-changing advice to redirect your financial destiny”

8-Week Telecourse with Anne McKevitt

May 11 – June 29, 2010

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This special telecourse is being taught personally by Anne McKevitt. As a proven entrepreneur who has made billions, Anne mentors not just me, but some of the biggest business leaders in the world today! She’s worked shoulder-to-shoulder alongside 52 heads of state with the Clinton Global Initiative, plus she advises top executives from world-class corporations including Mercedes, IKEA, Royal Doulton, Ernst & Young, Wal*Mart, Deloitte, Waterford Crystal, Jeep, Bloomingdales, Saks, Pottery Barn, Moet et Chandon, Wedgwood, Commonwealth Bank, Hewlett Packard, and Toyota – just to name a few!

Even the many extraordinarily successful clients whom Anne personally mentors create ceilings that stop them from going further. So, if that group of business luminaries searches out Anne’s guidance to help them advance through their limitations… just imagine how Anne can help you!

In this telecourse, Anne will share her years of experience and business wisdom to teach you how to identify and overcome those self-imposed barriers so that you can finally break through and reach your full potential–and the multimillion-dollar success you deserve. Learn more and sign up for this powerful, life-changing course!

Don’t put off your million-dollar future another minute, because the course starts tomorrow, Tuesday May 11! Register now!

Love and success,

P.S. Anne and I agreed this course will not be repeated or repackaged as a product for sale later, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from Anne McKevitt, one of the most-sought after, business advisors in the world! Register now before the course starts tomorrow!

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