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One more chance to hear me and Sassypants…

Just a quick reminder about that audio again…

Since last week’s share regarding Lisa Sasevich’s new ebook, I’ve gotten some questions from many of you on whether teleseminars and webinars still WORK online.

Listen, I know there are much fancier things you can be doing online now that require more time, energy, and money. (And possibly hair and makeup.)

But hear me loud and clear… teleseminars and webinars DO work, and are by far still the easiest and simplest way to get your work online and into profitable courses.

They are also great sales tools to build your list, fill seats at events, get clients, etc.

But I know you all still wanted to hear a bit more.

SO, to answer some of your questions, and share how we BOTH use teleseminars and webinars in our businesses, Lisa and I got on the phone a few days ago and recorded our call for you to listen in on.

It ended up being about half an hour, and it’s incredibly informative but also extremely entertaining since she and I hadn’t caught up in quite some time. 🙂

Have a listen here (no opt-in required).

Also I would highly consider her own course available this summer that gives you her proven, 5-step plan, which teaches you EXACTLY how to make money online with teleseminars and webinars. The reason you want to act today is she’s offering the entire thing for 50% OFF right now.

Lisa’s system is the simplest and easiest to follow. Hands down.

Go here now to instantly listen in on our call we had a few days ago!

Love and success,

P.S. I have sent more of my clients to Sassypants than I can count. Her trainings on these topics are bar none. If this is something you’d like to be doing, and would like the easiest (yet most thorough) formula out there to follow, THIS is the one you don’t want to miss. Plus she’s offering the entire thing for 50% OFF right now.

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