"One Spot Left for My Upcoming Mentoring Day on June 3!" - Glambition Radio

"One Spot Left for My Upcoming Mentoring Day on June 3!"

One spot still remains in my upcoming June 3, Biz 180 day. Is the universe holding it for YOU?
It’s your chance to receive personalized coaching from me in one concentrated day. And this is the ONLY Biz 180 I have scheduled as of now for the rest of 2011.
Biz 180 is my powerful, one-day, closed-door session, where I work with 8 select entrepreneurs who wish to receive concentrated feedback from me on the next best steps for their businesses. Each time I announce a new session, the opportunity sells out very quickly. In fact, this one WAS sold out, until a participant had an urgent schedule conflict arise.
So I wanted to make sure you knew about this powerful opportunity!
In addition to our live day together, you’ll get a private pre- and post-meeting call with me to discuss your business in-depth, one-on-one. During these calls, will assess your unique business circumstance, and determine specific action steps to help you move forward fast.
If you feel this could be exactly what YOU need at this time, then raise your hand and get more details here. Or send an email to biz180@alibrown.com and someone from my team will be in touch.
I hope to meet YOU in L.A. on Friday June 3, 2011!
Love and success,
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