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Only 20 seats left… is one waiting for you?

Well the heat has finally ‘broken’ here in Arizona. We get all giddy when it finally drops below 80 degrees. It’s like our ‘first day of spring’ for those of you in the colder climates. We can finally tolerate more outside activities (besides dining under misters and hanging out at resort pools).

Here’s a quick pic of my family on a fantastic hike last weekend! Best shot we could get on top of a mountain in blinding sunlight. 😉

And this season change always brings me a surge of energy. I am beyond fired up for my ICONIC event in a few weeks, and wanted to give an update on everything.

First, I’m delighted we have only 20 seats remaining. It seems people are realizing this month that the world is not ending as the news would have us believe. And since life goes on, we may as well plan for some epic business and personal growth. (From my perspective, it’s honestly our only choice at this point.)

There’s a reason that women leaders from a variety of industries fly in from all over the country (and the world, when circumstances allow…) to attend this one-of-a-kind conference, happening this November 3+4 in Phoenix.

Here are just a handful of the many reasons why you should get ready to jump on this opportunity to secure one of our last seats at ICONIC 2021: Liberation:

1. The quality of the attendees at my events is known to be the best in the industry, BAR NONE. The revenues in the room are already well above $1M per participant (but you don’t need to be at that level to apply… details are on the sales page). My team can attest we have already turned away several entrepreneurs who don’t meet the prerequisites required for ICONIC, as it’s all about the quality versus quantity.

2. I’ll be leading a discussion you won’t find anywhere else… and one we can’t have anywhere else except in person, behind closed doors. And aren’t you craving that after a year of Zoom calls? Right now there are opportunities so immense(both business and personal) that they are hard to fathom by most ‘normal’ folks. (Good thing that’s not you.) And even if you’re not looking for big changes, I promise you ICONIC will be a fantastic ‘reset’ to power up for your next chapter.

3. You’ll be placing yourself in a conscious environment where your thinking and creativity will be disrupted automatically, stimulating exciting new ideas, solutions, and ways of thinking. Being in a safe space with diverse, intelligent leaders is an uncommon and powerful opportunity these days. And it’s even more important we make an effort to do this as women, as we have so much to offer this new world that is emerging.

There are many other reasons, but you can see those at the web page.

So what are you waiting for? Apply to join us now.


Go here now to review the details, and I hope to see your application come through!

But DON’T delay… remember we have only 20 seats left.


PS — If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my team by simply replying to this email, or writing to
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