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Opportunities within the challenges…

I hope you’re finding much-needed opportunities lately to recharge where you can. I have to say that our family, like many
others, has become more in love with the outdoors than ever before.

This past weekend we drove up to beautiful Sedona, Arizona (less than two hours from Phoenix) for a change of scenery and to let the kids run wild and free a bit.

Brett and I enjoyed being completely offline and ‘out of range’ in the woods, and we got our exercise in as well.  (See my quick video on Instagram here.) We’ve never been so thankful to live near all these beautiful nature preserves as we’ve been the last few weeks.

Now, I’m back at my desk and wanted to share with you a powerful LIVE conversation I had this morning with one of my ‘hall
of fame’ clients Amanda Tress.

This fitness entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with, founding her FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program just a few short years ago and growing it quickly to an astounding multiple 8-figures in annual revenues.

But how has the current time influenced her business? And what does she see as the future of fitness now?

You can watch the replay now on LinkedInFacebookYouTube, or Instagram.

This was an episode of my new Web show We Lead LIVE, where you’ll hear what brilliant 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs are doing right now during this turbulent time to not only survive, but thrive — whether it’s doubling down, playing it safe, or shifting gears completely.

We broadcast LIVE every Monday + Thursday at Noon ET/9am PT simultaneously on LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube— I hope to see you there with us on an upcoming show.


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