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Our working together…

Can you believe we’re just weeks away from the new year? Yes, 2014!

Whenever I think about going into a new year, I think about new goals I’d like to reach. And who can help me reach those goals.

You know, I don’t know anyone who’s grown a wildly profitable business without getting the training or coaching they need for their specific situation. What you know by yourself can only take you so far.

Because my office has been receiving many inquiries this fall about coaching and mentoring, I wanted to let you know about Elevate Premier. It’s my exclusive program where you get to work with me and my Elevate coaches personally and get that extra help you need.

The program features LIVE small group meetings, check-in calls, one-on-one calls, and more. Best of all, this is not a huge group I’m talking about. Each group is only 8 entrepreneurs, so you receive a good amount of attention and advice while still enjoying group camaraderie and inspiration.

If you feel you are ready for this type of mentoring and you know this could be exactly what you need to expand your business, please raise your hand today—spots are filling up fast for 2014.

Instead of simply sending you to a page with more information, I’ve made my team available to talk with you. All you have to do is complete this brief form and they will contact you to schedule a complimentary private consultation.

I look forward to seeing your name come in! 🙂

Love and success,

P.S. A few results our Premier members have experienced over the past year:

“I transitioned to almost a fully online business model, and I more than doubled my online sales. I more than quadrupled my list. I increased my social media followers by over 4000%. This year has just been really truly phenomenal!”
~Crista Grasso, AmberTortoise Jewelry, Tolland, Conn.

“The focused attention and individual guidance in Elevate Premier has helped me take my business to entirely new heights. In the 8 months since upgrading to Premier, I have nearly double my business, had my first $20K month and then my first $20K WEEK! Now rather than seeking out new clients, I receive requests for to work with me on a regular basis and have welcomed new clients from Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia and Ireland. Thank you to Ali, James and the entire Elevate team!”
~Ronda Wada, DivineNavigation.com, Fort Collins, Colo.

“I am amazed at the transformation of my business in less than six months after joiningElevate Premier. I have become confident about assessing and charging what my services are worth, and as a result my year-to-date income has increased by 162% over the last year, with 5 months to go!”
~Patricia Budd, PatriciaBudd.com, Atlanta, Ga.

Premier applications are first come first served basis, and you have nothing to lose by talking with us today to see if this is right for you. Go here to schedule your free phone consultation with a member of my team!

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