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Overtired and overwhelmed? Read this…

After I had my twins last year, my time and energy were spread more thinly than ever. There were a few days this past year that I hit rock bottom, wondering if I could ever get my productivity mojo back!

Well, as those of you who are moms know, there is a “new normal” you move into. It won’t ever be exactly the same. But you know you just HAVE to keep working with purpose too.

My “New Feminine Formula” was the answer, and I know it can help you too.

So I’ve decided to share it on a special FREE CALL coming up on Monday, October 6.

During this special free teleseminar, you’ll discover:

My 3 BEST productivity secrets—that still work even if you are managing a family along with your business.

* The powerful CHOICE of trading your perfectionism for peace—and how to begin. (If you’re addicted to “success”, you need this more than ever.)

* How to determine what your time is actually worth $$$. (It’s a simple process, but it will open your eyes instantly.)

My weird little secret about how I make time work FOR me (so I don’t have to work “against the clock.”)

* How to stay disciplined with your goals, but still “work” in your feminine. (You don’t need to work in a masculine way to be successful.)

On this call, I will share some of my BEST time, focus and energy secrets with you. I promise you will love it.

Save your free spot here now—and I’ll get you all the details.

Love and success,

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