Power, freedom, and ditching ‘perfection’... - Glambition Radio

Power, freedom, and ditching ‘perfection’…

Did you catch these recent episodes of Glambition® Radio?

I wanted to send a quick update just in case you hadn’t. Because seriously this show just keeps getting better.

Amazing guests. Provocative topics. Powerful conversations.

Here are our latest episodes. Descriptions are below.

Here’s a bit about each of these episodes…

Lauren Zander (formerly Handel) started her career the same as many of us did — she took a desk job straight out of college, wanting to save the world. She hated the job, but she discovered that she had a knack for helping people solve their problems, so she began coaching people through their struggles. I have Lauren walk me through the beginning of how she started and grew her multimillion-dollar firm, as well as what comprises her groundbreaking methodology, The Handel Method®.

Ali Brown ‘SHOW FLIP’! – A few weeks ago I appeared as a guest on my client Eleanor Beaton’s ‘Fierce Feminine Leadership’ podcast, and we got into such juicy stuff, I wanted to make sure you heard it right here on #GlambitionRadio. And here it is. I am calling this episode ‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’, because it delves into much of the unspoken things we deal with as our success accelerates faster and reaches higher. If you aren’t familiar with Eleanor, you should be. I’m honored she’s one of my ongoing Premier clients.

Zainab Salbi has dedicated her life to helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives and communities. As a victim herself of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s abuse, Zainab immigrated to the U.S., and at only 23 she founded Women for Women International. But here’s why I REALLY wanted to have her on the show… Despite an incredibly impactful career helping women find their freedom, Zainab didn’t feel free herself. And on this powerful episode, Zainab shares the insightful realization she had: She needed to share her secrets in order to find her power.

Christy Whitman used to be unhappy in just about every area of her life. But she discovered it was actually time to look inward. And that led her on a trajectory of not only changing her life, but becoming a renowned transformational coach and two-time New York Times best-selling author. If you’re feeling in a “rut” with your business (or within yourself!), this #GlambitionRadio episode is a must listen!

Petra Kolber – I have Petra walk us through how her career as an internationally renowned fitness expert (including being the global face and voice of Reebok) led to her having panic attacks and craving something more. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not enough or you’re not doing enough, you are going to love her message she shares on this episode. (And you’re also going to love the story of how we originally met!) I LOVE Petra’s new book: The Perfection Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your Joy.

Angelique Rewers – After pulling all-nighters in her job at a global corporate consulting firm, a major hospitalization woke up Angelique Rewers to seek her own path. And today, as The Corporate Agent, she mentors entrepreneurs from around the world helping them land corporate contracts. She’s sharing her journey on the show today, step by step. And I’m honored that on this episode of #GlambitionRadio, Angelique also reveals how pivotal my coaching was during that big transition she made. 

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Xo Ali

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