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Remember this FREEDOM…

As yesterday’s holiday here in the U.S. was Memorial Day, the concept of freedomhas been on my mind… in more ways than one.

When I hosted my last ICONIC in 2019, none of the women entrepreneurs in attendance had any idea of what we would face just a few short months after gathering for this life-changing event.

The year of 2020 brought with it immense challenges (limiting our freedom in many aspects), but also led us to tremendous opportunities.

Now, as I share often with my clients, we are truly ‘built for all seasons’. Not just to cope but to thrive.

But there’s something else…

All last year, as established business owners, we realized the blessing of having already created FREEDOM in our lives. The freedom to make a living the way we want to, how we want to, and with the impact we want to.

That freedom of opportunity isn’t available to all in the world. It’s a highly precious privilege to enjoy.

(And I pray — especially for those of us who are entrepreneurs — that our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will continue to be protected. We are the future.)

So now what?

We use it.

We re-emerge, en masse.

We take those bold ideas we’ve had for a long time now and, without apologies, claim our reign.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in a room of proven women entrepreneurs doing exactly this?

On Tuesday, June 15, I’ll be opening the doors for applications to ICONIC 2021: Liberation, happening November 3+4, 2021 here in Phoenix.

And already, my members of The Trust have snapped up 17 of our 80 available seats via a private offering I made last week, leaving only 63 spots left.

So, if you are even just remotely interested or curious, I suggest you get on our Priority Notification List here.

Those on this list are FIRST to know when we open for applications. And that’s important, as in past years we’ve SOLD OUT from this list alone.

I know you are feeling the same way right now…

While the world may feel uncertain, you’ve never felt so sure about yourself.


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