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"Reset Your Money Mindset…"

This is a heads up about my special CLOSE-OUT SALE that is just around the corner…
As you know, I periodically make room in our Success Store for exciting new products, and that also involves closing out a product now and then.
The benefit to YOU is you get a great product at a huge savings.
And this is one sale you don’t want to miss, because it will bring YOU a fresh new mindset and clear strategies to follow to attract more money into your life.
Starting WEDNESDAY, June 6, 2012 (for 48 HOURS only), you can get a full copy of my popular program, Secret Energy of Money: How to Attract and Keep More Money in the Next 12 Months Than You Have in the Past 3 Years,” for 40% off.
This is the only program I’ve ever created that specifically addresses women and our inherent money issues. I co-created it with my good friend and longtime client Kendall Summerhawk, who is a master in this area!
To date, the Secret Energy of Money has helped hundreds of women end—once and for all—the self-sabotaging money habits that keep them from growing their businesses. And, it has also helped them create the kind of security women MUST have to feel happy and safe.
This program sells for $397 at full retail, but with this close-out sale, you SAVE 40%.
Go see all the great value this program entails here. (But don’t buy it yet! Remember, the closeout sale starts this Wednesday.)
Love and success,
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