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Risk, babies, and not having a business plan…

I wanted to update you on the latest 3 episodes of my new Glambition™ Radio. We were thrilled to debut at #2 in the Business Category on iTunes last month when we launched, and we’re so happy you’re all enjoying the show! There’s truly nothing like it.

Here’s a quick rundown on that latest 3 episodes that you can listen to or download right now for free…

RISK is one of my favorite subjects, and I dive deep into it during Episode 10Smart risk brings rewards when you are going for your dreams. I share with you the difference between smart risk and ‘other’ risk, and give you a few key steps to take… and perceptions you have to shift… in order to expand your comfort zone and make those leaps that can lead to the life you really want. Need a “ready for risk” mindset injection? Then listen to this episode now here on Glambition Radio.

Remember when Duchess Kate and Prince William brought out their little George from the hospital? He was wrapped in an Aden+Anais swaddleIn Episode 11, you’ll meet their founder and CEO Raegan Moya-Jones. I loved her Aussie spirit and her gumption to take an idea and run with it… all while raising four daughters. You have to hear how Raegan took this from idea to over 63 countries and revenues of $30+ million.


No business plan? No experience? Want to build an empire and change a fashion industry? No problem… InEpisode 12 with fashion designer Liz Lange, you’ll hear how this gal went from dressing her friends in NYC to a maternity clothing empire and licensing deals with Target and Nike… to the tune of $200 million. EVERYONE told Liz to back away from her idea of fitted clothing for pregnant women… that it would never work. Well, since she proved the idea, every designer has followed her lead. Hear her fantastic and humorous story here now.

Don’t have time to listen now? No problem—just go and subscribe here to Glambition Radio so you get automatic new episodes downloaded each week when they are released. (But warning: We are hearing from many women they can’t just listen to one episode… and end up doing a “binge listen” to all of them!)

See you there.

Love and success,

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