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Seen, heard, and paid… even during these times

Here in Arizona our stay-at-home order has been lifted, and we feel like kids out of school. (Wait – bad comparison, as our kids have already been home for two months!) I’m about to venture out to run a few personal errands I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, and that seems exciting for now. But I’m dreaming of some real travel soon.

Sending some sun + fun to those of you whose states have been hit harder in this whole mess. And… I urge you to stay critically aware of what’s going on in your area. Question everything. Think for yourself.

>>> These are strange times indeed and I’m leery where this is all heading. And I’ll be glad to see everyone getting back to work, doing what they love, and getting paid. 

Which brings me to a conversation I’d like to share with you…

Yesterday I hosted an empowering LIVE conversation with master branding strategist Jen Kem.

She built a retail business to 8-figures, and then multiple 7-figure companies from there. Today, Jennifer helps business owners get seen, heard, and paid for being themselves.

We discussed how she’s not only navigating the changes required right now within her own space, but what she recommends for all of us to come out winning on the other side.

This was an episode of my new Web show We Lead LIVE, where you’ll hear what brilliant 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs are doing right now during this turbulent time to not only survive, but thrive — whether it’s doubling down, playing it safe, or shifting gears completely.

You can watch the replay now on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

#WeLeadLIVE is broadcast every Monday + Thursday at Noon ET/9am PTsimultaneously on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube — I hope to see you there with us on an upcoming show!

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