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Sell More Online By Offering a Big Fat BONUS!

I don’t know about you, but I secretly love watching infomercials. I enjoy dissecting how they sell, how they get people excited, how they entice people to take action now and pick up the phone and order something they completely don’t need!

As you know, these programs always offer a huge bonus or multiple bonuses for people who buy. Often the bonus is worth even more than the featured product itself. You know what I mean… they’re selling you a little vegetable chopper, but they also throw in a blender, toaster, and coffeemaker!

Why do they do this? Because it makes the offer completely irresistible. The prospect thinks, “Jeez, I’d be crazy not to buy this right now!”

The same strategy works extremely well online too. Using BONUSES is also a great way to add more value to your program or package, enabling you to raise your price point. And you don’t have to spend any money creating your bonus products if you don’t want to.

Here are 7 ideas to get you started offering a bonus ASAP:

1. Special Report
Think of some information that relates to what you’re offering that would be very helpful for the customer. Exciting titles with numbers are shown to work best, like “31 Easy and Fast Ways to Get More Clients” or “5 Mistakes Most Families Make When Choosing a Puppy.” Write it in Microsoft Word, format it so it looks nice, and then use Adobe Acrobat to save it as a PDF file for easy downloading. (Be sure to promote your business and website in there too – remember it may get passed around.)

2. Resource List
Compile a list of your personally recommended resources, websites, books, and vendors that are related to your product or service. You can set this up as a PDF file as well, or create a password-protected area of your website that customers and clients can access. Example: One bonus that comes with my Boost Business With Your Own Ezine system is the “Ezine Queen Private Resource Library.” It’s simply a select collection of links to websites and tools that can help my customers grow their lists and run their online businesses.

3. Checklist
Are there any checklists that would be a good tie-in to what you offer? That help people do what you’re teaching them to do, better or easier? Example: Everyone who attends my Online Success Blueprint Workshop receives several of my real-life business checklists as bonuses, including one I use to plan any teleseminar I teach!

4. Collection of Articles
Hopefully you write articles or tips on a regular basis for your own ezine or newsletter, and you may even have them posted at your website as well. Why not package your favorites into a PDF document and title it your “Top 10” or “Best of” collection?

5. Action Guide
Look at the principles, strategies, and tactics you teach in your program, and put together a separate guide to help the user do assignments, stay on track, and document her progress. (Some marketing experts say calling it an “action guide” or “success journal” is better than “workbook,” because “work” can subconsciously deter people.)

6. Audio Class
Record a 60-minute audio introduction or orientation to your program. If you already offer a free introductory teleclass or do live speeches, you can simply record that. Offer it online as an MP3 download, or even better, let people listen right from the website.

7. Consultation With You
A consultation is a great bonus to offer, for several reasons. First, it lets you get to know your customers better and hear the questions they ask and issues they face. This will help you further improve your products and services to offer what they want. Second, it’s a great opportunity to upsell these folks to a higher-priced program at the end of the call. For example, if they enjoyed the advice you provided on the call, they may be interested in your six-month coaching program.

Don’t fear that everyone who buys your product will actually take advantage of your free consultation – they won’t. When I got started, I offered a free 30-minute consultation to all purchasers of my Boost Business … system. I estimate that less than 20% of the people who bought it actually scheduled a call with me.

Digital or Physical?

I’m a big fan of digital bonuses because they cost nothing to create and there’s no packaging or shipping involved. But of course you can also go with physical bonuses, especially if you’re already shipping the main product to the customer anyway. My Boost Business… system is a physical package that we ship, so we add in a 2-CD program that teaches people how to get more sales from their ezine. It’s simply a recording of a great teleseminar I did about two years ago.

If you’re offering printed material as a bonus, don’t go crazy spending a ton of money making it look great. “Good” is okay! A simple report that you have printed and bound cheaply at a copy shop is fine. Remember that people are paying you for the information you provide.

What’s most important is the cover — even if you only produce a digital report or audio product, having a graphic of it will help increase your response and make you look more professional. I use and recommend Vaughan Davidson.

Give Your Bottom Line a Bonus This Month

So get YOUR bonuses in gear! Make a note of how your sales have been so far, and then add some bonuses and watch the numbers rise.

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