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“Should You Really Share That Bold New Idea With Your Team… Yet?"

ali brownDuring a coaching session with a client the other day, it hit me that I was starting to see a pattern with several of these high-end entrepreneurs.

When we would talk, or especially when we’d meet together in person, they would leave with clarity about changes they needed to make in their business. What to let go of, what to start doing new, what would be their next BIG move.

They would leave in a state of immense joy and often a sense of relief. A ray of light would be shining down on their heads from above. (Okay just kidding. Kind of. They often would be glowing though.)

Then, when we’d reconnect on our next call the week after, they’d sound different.

The excitedness and joy I witnessed prior had disappeared—replaced by a slight weariness. The topics reverted back to the day-to-day doldrums of the business.

Now of course the day-to-day needs to be dealt with. But…

What happened?

After some prodding, I got the answer:

They immediately took their new ideas to their team.

Let me back up a bit.

I have to say one of the most fulfilling parts of growing a business is also growing a team that will support you and your mission. As you grow, you create proven systems together that you can all use over and over to build the business.

Done well, it’s a dream come true. A good team and systems build your business, further your mission, and free up your time.

For most business owners, this isn’t a problem. They want to grow and expand on the same business model out for years. There are many entrepreneurs with teams doing fantastically well with this model. 

But for others (and I am one of them), my business has always followed my personal evolution and my happiness. It’s very personally driven. I feel like every year I am peeling off another layer of the onion, getting to the core of who I am and why I’m here.

And that continually comes with desiring more change in my life and my business.

At those moments I feel called to work differently. Try something new. Or let something go.

In previous times, I’d brush my feelings under the rug. Everything was going along fine. Money coming in; clients happy. Why mess with it?

But when I would resist change too long, it would privately become very painful and frustrating. And some resentment would begin to build, whether I wanted to admit it or not.

Have you ever felt that? Or do you even feel it now?

Maybe your mission is shifting in a new direction. Maybe a new powerful opportunity is calling. Or your current creative cycle is coming to a close, and you want to slow down and go inward for awhile. Let the next idea simmer a bit.

It makes total sense.

To you.

But likely no one else. Yet.

Even those closest to you on your team.

I know they’ve become like family to you. Maybe they even are family.

But they aren’t you.

The people you’re paying and feeding and who have come to do things a certain way and expect things to be a certain way, and grow what you started off creating together probably aren’t too excited about your next big move regarding your personal purpose.

It’s not their fault. They want success too. But their skillsets, knowledge, and courage come only from what has been proven in the past.

As a leader, YOU have the courage to make decisions from a deeper place.

To allow yourself to be pulled, rather than push.

It’s really your job. And you can’t expect everyone on your team to have that same courage or understanding.

So you have to realize your team may not “get” your “unproven” plans. Even ones that you think will sound amazing.

And even worse, they may say “yes, great” on the outside, but secretly (or even unconsciously) be scared and resentful on the inside.

This is why you may not want to bring your new ideas and vision and changes to your team right away.

It’s exciting when you finally realize what you really want to change, and you want to tell everyone, but I suggest you let the idea and plan be deliciously yours for a while. 

You may not even want to share it with your spouse or partner. All it takes is one comment or conversation to dampen your spirits and crush your vision or fill your head with doubts. (You know if this is true!)

Let it be yours.

Authenticity doesn’t require complete transparency.

You have the right to delay.

Wait until the idea is cooked a bit more. Map it out slowly and thoughtfully.

And you’ll know when you’re ready to share it.

As my coaching business grew to focus on 7- and 8-figure women, I was surprised at how many hired me not only for strategy but even more so to enjoy a true confidante for so many of these ideas, conversations, and frustrations.

The more successful you become, you will often find the fewer people you can trust or feel are qualified to even just hear your ideas and support you in the way that’s needed.

Knowing when to shift gears, make big changes, let go of some things, or start new things is just one of the powerful topics we’ll be covering at my upcoming Leadership Retreat. I have a few seats left open to the public.

If elevated conversations like these are what you’re craving right now, have a look here to see if this workshop on October 27 & 28 here in Scottsdale, AZ is a fit for you.

And I’d love your comments on this topic below. Have you wrestled with sharing new changes with your team? Has there ever been a time you wish you’d waited? Or, are you about complete transparency with your team and you share everything? If so, why and how is it working for you?

Love and Success,

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