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"Six Hot New Workout Trends That Work"

Sick of doing the same old exercises on the treadmill and weight machines? Who isn’t? Thankfully, we’ve uncovered six of the hottest new workouts to help you bust out of your gym routine and achieve the sweat-inducing, body-boosting results you want, all without spending hours a day with a personal trainer.
1. Exergaming
The old stereotype surrounding video games is that they were the domain of overweight teen boys. Not anymore. With consoles like the Wii Fit, you can get a customized workout at home, choosing from activities like yoga, strength training, dancing, and simulated snowboarding, surfing, or tennis. The variety and range of motion is another big plus for these types of workouts.
2. Mobile Yoga
Yoga and inline skating both offer great workouts, so why not combine the two? That’s the concept behind mobile yoga. Created by a certified yoga and inline skate instructor, the workout uses the natural push and glide motion of skating with the mindful breathing and relaxation of yoga, boosting your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Some yoga poses are performed on skates and others are done sans skates on a yoga mat.
3. TRX Suspension Training
Created by a former U.S. Navy SEAL, this versatile, full body workout uses a set of straps anchored to the wall and your leveraged bodyweight to perform a series of strength, flexibility, and metabolic exercises. Since you can adjust your body position to increase or decrease resistance, it’s a great workout for all fitness levels. Some Pilates studios and personal trainers have incorporated TRX into their workouts, but you can also do it at home with the right equipment.
4. Hula Hoop
There’s something delightfully childlike and retro about swinging a hula hoop. Turns out it’s a killer abs workout, but there’s a lot more you can with a hula hoop than shake those hips. Hula hoop fitness instructors can show you how to move across the floor, swing the hoop around your hands, neck, and shoulders, even do modified crunches and other moves. Celebs like Michelle Obama have also been spotted working out with a hula hoop!
5. Zumba
For those who prefer dance clubs to fitness clubs, Zumba is the perfect combination of Latin rhythms and cardio moves. Instructors incorporate dance steps from salsa and merengue, often throwing in other music from around the globe for variety. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy workout that feels more like a party than a workout session.
6. Cardio striptease
Once reserved for, um, “professionals,” striptease classes are now popular among all kinds of women who want a fun, kick-ass workout and an instant confidence boost. Some classes teach pole dancing, while others focus on strutting your stuff with small props like a chair. With cardio striptease, you’ll learn sultry steps that will help sculpt your legs, butt, and abs. Who knows? You may find it could spice up some other things too.
So, what are you waiting for? Lace up those running shoes (or skates) and get moving!
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