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Some serious 'chicks' with serious missions…

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A bit about these episodes…

* Andrea J. Lee – What have you lost by NOT having the courageous conversations you need to? At work and at home? Andrea wrote We Need To Talk for this reason, and on this episode she opens up about how much avoiding difficult business discussions has cost her. You’ll hear her step-by-step instructions on how to speak up for yourself, the right way to tackle awkward dialogues in the workplace, and what’s next for her (which may surprise you)!

* Mari Smith – This 6-foot Scottish import is a regular on the Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencers list and was on Mark Zuckerberg’s original beta team for Facebook, but did you also know she’s a closeted accordion player? My friend Mari Smith joins me to talk about social media NOW: what’s HOT, what’s NOT, why your organic reach sucks, and why those pumps you peeked at online keep following you around.

* Emma Isaacs – She had already built her first multi-million dollar business by age 25 when she acquired the Business Chicks networking group in Australia and grew it from 250 members to over 40,000. And now, she’s landed in the USA to launch the phenomenon here with events in LA, NY, and more! Hear my new friend Emma’s inspiring story, and listen to this REALLY good conversation on being entrepreneurial.

* Jessica Mindich – This former corporate litigator turned change making jewelry designer and activist uses shell casings and pieces of illegal guns from actual crime scenes to create the jewelry in her “Caliber Collection”. Her efforts have taken more than 1,000 guns off the street to date and raised approximately $100,000 in buyback and amnesty programs for police departments throughout the country. This interview was EDGY and awesome.

* Dorie Clark – Her book Stand Out was named by Inc. magazine as the #1 Leadership Book of 2015. Hear Dorie’s story on how she went from Harvard Divinity School to her own version of divine success, in helping others promote their brilliance. After years of working with nonprofits and political campaigns, she now speaks to and works with businesses all over the world who fly her in to help them power-up their profiles.

* Suzanne Evans – You know her “hell yeah!” attitude, but did you know she took herself from secretary to 7-figures in just a few short years? And on this show she shares the secret behind the unorthodox career moves and controversial opinions that have sometimes “get her into trouble” — but have delivered her the life of her dreams and helped her influence thousands of lives.

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